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    Timothy Paradox

    18-05-28 Pure Fear, Lots of Knives

    by , 05-28-2018 at 06:52 PM (78 Views)
    I woke up from one dream because I was experiencing pure terror. I tried to 'get back' to where I was, but to get there I had to go through a sequence of events (I'd passed through before) that were terrifying. I once again woke up because I couldn't deal with the fear. It literally made me breathe heavily and sweat. Scary stuff.

    I found myself in either a movie theater or opera hall, seated somewhere in the crowd (section on the left). Then someone stabbed a blonde woman. Possibly the performer? Then a lot of people everywhere (almost everybody) pulled knives and attacked the same victim. I think the victim had done something to them, and they were taking their collective revenge. I was being blocked from escaping by a big dude (also armed with a knife). I was too scared to fight (too many enemies, all armed with knives while I have nothing) but I felt like their problem wasn't with me anyway, so doing nothing was the wisest course of action.

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    Tags: fear, knives