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    Timothy Paradox

    18-08-15 Nuclear Attack, Martian Invasion

    by , 08-15-2018 at 09:49 PM (688 Views)
    I could fly. I was in a street, trying to show off. I tried to dive down and go as low as possible before pulling up again. I misjudged my approach and had to land (hard) as I came down too steeply.

    I looked to the horizon and saw a massive mushroom cloud rising. Then there were several. I was in denial for a brief moment, but finally accepted this was really happening. What followed was hectic. I turned on the news, which was about the attack. They said the explosions were at least a hundred kilometers away, but I could see with the naked eye that the wave of debris was moving quite fast. I knew I wasn't safe no matter what the news said. I decided to call my mother, who lives very close to me, to discuss a plan. I realized I'd planned to plan this possibility in advance, but never got to it and kept postponing it because I thought it would never really happen. I tried calling her, but I was inexplicably using a rotary phone which was very difficult to use (I was making mistake due to nerves).

    There was an invasion of Martian tripods. They destroyed a lot, but took some humans prisoner, including me. We were escorted by one of the massive machines to a kind of work camp. We decided to try and escape. I remember digging through the dirt (it was a kind of mine) for a way out. It was very narrow and I felt very claustrophobic. Finally, I dug my way out. I found myself somewhere high up. There was a soldier of some kind, here to rescue us. There was a chopper waiting on the ground for extraction. I held onto the soldier and he jumped down, opening his parachute to break the fall. I know that's not how parachutes work, but whatever. We got on the chopper and flew off before the tripods could get us. This whole dream was most likely inspired by watching a CinemaSins video about 'Ready Player One', in which there's a scene featuring Martian war machines from the 1953 movie.
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    1. gab's Avatar
      Oooh, now I gotta watch Ready Player One. On my list anyway.

      Did you have fun? Do you like dreams like this? Sounds intense and I love this types of dreams. The nuclear explosion features in my dreams often.

      Happy dreams
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    2. Timothy Paradox's Avatar
      They felt very real and I woke up feeling VERY happy it was just a dream. The feelings of horror and fear as I saw the mushroom clouds and realized what they were (getting past the initial denial), they felt so real. Same with the aliens. I thought I was toast for sure.

      I suggest reading the book version of RP1. It's so much better.