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    Timothy Paradox

    18-12-23 Holding Off Alien Invasion

    by , 01-04-2019 at 09:53 PM (301 Views)
    I'm on some kind of giant (city-sized) floating airship. Aliens are invading the world below. I send off my wife and kid on some kind of dropship to get to safety, while I stay behind. Unfortunately, an alien tripod shows up and uses its heatray to blow up the dropship as it flies away. I didn't have time to mourn, because the aliens hit my airship next. There was an explosion, and I fell down. I managed to hold onto some rubble, but lost my grip fell down anyway. I was falling, and thought I was screwed. But before I hit the ground, I suddenly floated. It was instantly like I'd been 'awakened', I knew I could fly and do immense damage to the enemy. I flew towards the tripod that attacked us. I grabbed jungle liana (those rope-like things hanging from trees in the jungle) and flew in circles around the tripod until its legs were tied together and it fell. Like in Star Wars. When that tripod was down, I flew off north towards the big city. The city was under attack by several tripods. I took them out by flying into them from above and smashing them down to the ground. I think I single-handedly stopped the offensive on the city. I think I talked with some military commanders afterwards about the battle. Personally, I didn't really care about saving humanity. I only felt seething hatred for the aliens who killed my (non-existent) loved ones.
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