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    Timothy Paradox

    19-02-02 Reality isn't Real

    by , 02-02-2019 at 06:29 PM (572 Views)
    I was walking into a major supermarket (Carrefour Schoten). I saw a guy and girl on my left, whom I recognized. The guy looked like Witek. I thought seeing them there was so bizarre (he lives in Canada, and this was supposed to be Belgium), I immediately thought 'what if this world isn't real'. I tried to wake myself up, still mostly expecting the feeling to be nothing more than a fantasy I've entertained many times before (the world being a simulation). But I immediately started feeling dizzy, my vision blurred and I woke up in my bed.

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    1. Harmony's Avatar

      That's wonderful, I feel like I would be both really happy and really disappointed that I realized the world was fake but not that it was actually a dream to become lucid in, haha. Thanks for sharing.
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