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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 25-05-26 Yet Another Escape

      by , 05-26-2024 at 09:33 PM
      "Escape" seems like the theme of the week. Once again, we're a group of people, and we need to escape from somewhere before another group of hostiles arrive who would take us all prisoner. The others all managed to evacuate before they arrived, but I didn't. The "bad guys" (who were just people, dressed normally, just hostile to us for some reason) kind of congregated around me, interrogated me, investigated the area where we were holed up, but eventually they got distracted talking to each other. I used the distracted to walk to the exit unnoticed, then bolt outside. I found myself on a beach area (was I on a ship before?) and thinking I was probably safe surrounded by so many people. They'd never take me in such a public place. I took off into vertical flight, and gained some altitude. Transitioning into horizontal flight, I decided to head to the place we had previously designated as our rendezvous point in case we got separated. However, I struggled to keep altitude. I lost altitude until I was just a meter or so above the water surface. Sticking out my arm downwards (still traveling at fairly high speed), I could actually feel the water. I tried to regain altitude by sort of wriggling my body upwards, but it wouldn't work.
      Tags: escape, flight, flying
    2. 25-05-25 Telling Classroom of DCs they're DCs

      by , 05-26-2024 at 09:17 PM
      I'm in a narrow street of a major city. There are small restaurants everywhere. Sushi, pizza, street food generally. I think I already had a degree of lucidity because I remember seeing the foods advertised, thinking "that's a lot of calories", and also thinking I could eat it without consequence because this was a dream anyway. At one point I approached a place that sold candy. I decided to use mind control to force the DC shop owner to hand me a particular piece of candy from the counter. At first, he refused my command, incredulous that I would even make such a demand for free candy. I repeated the command, louder this time. I repeated it again and again like a mantra, until my voice became booming and deafening, and the DC was forced into obeying.

      In the next scene I found myself in what I think was a classroom. The scene had shifted without my input so clearly my lucidity and control weren't 100% and I was still mostly along for the ride. I think I was the teacher. The students, all sat in their seats facing me, were in their late teens. I started telling them that this was a dream. I went into detail. This was my dream, they were my DCs, figments/aspects of my subconscious, and if I were to wake up they would cease to exist. I told them that they were created in my image, just the way I was created in God's. Some demanded evidence. I demonstrated my powers by sticking my arm into a wall. Then, walking into a classroom wall (phasing), moving behind some of them, sticking my arm out of the wall, and tapping them on the shoulder. That surprised them! Their reactions to my "lesson" were interesting. Some went into denial. Some became visibly depressed, as they seemed to accept something they'd always known but chose to repress. Tragically, their fears of nonexistence came true as I eventually woke up, and their very existence became nothing more than a vague memory to me.