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    Timothy Paradox

    21-03-20 Seeing Mom

    by , 03-20-2021 at 05:35 PM (348 Views)
    I had the most intense dream last night. I was watching a video of the day of my birth on a TV screen. My mom (died December 2019) was in the hospital bed, cradling "baby me". I started getting emotional. Next thing I know, I am IN the scene, physically standing next to the bed. Mom and the baby are gone. Suddenly, mom is standing next to me. I basically launch myself into her arms, holding her tightly. All I can utter between sobs is "mama, mama". I had a very strong feeling that this was really her somehow, not just a dream character. But knowing the dream was multi-leveled, I know that can't be true.
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    Tags: birth, mother
    non-lucid , memorable