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    Timothy Paradox

    Dreams Have Soundtracks

    by , 08-08-2016 at 03:23 AM (315 Views)
    This is something I've noticed in the past few weeks: my dreams have soundtracks. It only appears to happen when it's the last dream before waking. This could of course still mean *all* dreams have soundtracks but I only remember the last one. The music fits the mood of the scene perfectly, and it is unique - not a song I've heard before. It's entirely composed by my subconscious. A contemplative, hopeful ambient tune when I fell in love. Fast, heavy tunes during dramatic scenes. At one point, I even heard a complete song from Depeche Mode that didn't actually exist!

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    Tags: soundtrack
    side notes


    1. Xanous's Avatar
      I notice this a lot. I think it increases when I've been listening to a lot of music during the day. Enjoy it. Too bad we can't record it all.
    2. Reinards's Avatar
      Hopefully one day we will be able to record them by using some device that can read our thoughts by viewing those waves our brain sends
    3. Timothy Paradox's Avatar
      Ooooh yes, I'd love that. I can imagine being a music composer who can't even read musical notes =)