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    Timothy Paradox

    Waking Hallucinations

    by , 07-22-2018 at 01:06 AM (386 Views)
    This has happened to me on several occasions now. I can dream while 100% awake and walking around. All that's needed is being tired enough. These episodes only last maybe two seconds, but enough for a random image, thought or sound to manifest. If there was ever a case for 'time compression' in dreams, it's this.

    On one occasion, I saw people through my closed eyelids because I took a little bit too long to blink. Extreme exhaustion.

    On another, I saw a street scene on our coast. And cars. It all looked so real, and yet I was awake and walking around. Not just minor hypnagogia, but sights and sounds.

    Years ago, I was on the bus when I was suddenly 'teleported' to a street not far from there. I manifested in the middle of a street and a car had to brake really hard to avoid hitting me. We drove past that location later.

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