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    1. inkblot woman

      by , 06-08-2015 at 09:09 AM
      Me and by brother and a group of indistinct people are wandering a grassy landscape in search of food. We see a white rectangular building up ahead at the top of a hill. we enter through the top. This floor seems empty, but somehow we know that the floors below lead to the world of another species. We split up and I walk through hallways. The place is like a hospital, and I enter a room from which noise is emanating.

      It's a voice, being projected from a device like a radio, but not a radio and not in my line of sight. White sheets hang from lines strung across the room. As I am crawling through them to reach the side with the noise, A woman of the species comes "crawling" towards me. She slithers towards me gracefully, her movement can best be described as like a weightless piece of silky thin fabric being blown along the ground. She is naked, she is bigger than a human, her limbs are longer than human limbs, her hair is long and blonde and her eyes are bright, and she is smiling. A splotch of grey-shaped like a rorschach ink blot, darkens her pale face. upon seeing her I am both comforted and...turned-on (even though I'm straight).

      She tells me she will bring us to her people, but we need to stay with her or they will try to hurt us.

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    2. depressing dream

      by , 06-08-2015 at 08:44 AM
      Wandering through a drab foggy wasteland. whites, greys, browns, stone colors. ramshackle buildings sit in cramped rows. Walls made of grungy wood and metal. torn cloth hangs from lines and sways gently in the wind. I call for *, and then I call for ~. Neither of them answer. There are people, but they are indistinct and grey, and they go about their business silently. I don't feel anything from them. No warmth, compassion, or recognition. I feel that they can hear and see me calling out, but they don't care.

      I catch a glimpse of myself in the dully reflective surface of a sheet of metal, and walk closer for a better look. my expression is hopelessly sad, I look wraith-like, wearing a tattered white shapeless dress. My hair is limp and knotted. My visage fits right in with the landscape. the right eye is partially faded, so I swipe my hand across my face to bring it back.

      emotional content was strong- depression, hopelessness.

      I half woke up and was stuck in an inbetween state full of racing thoughts for less than a minute.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable