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    End of the world? Rare phenomenon and love

    by , 06-17-2012 at 02:29 AM (931 Views)
    Perfect dream. Although incredibly intense.

    We had just figured out it was the end of the world. In 1 and a half days (coz we found out ~half way through the day) the world would end.
    No one seemed to know how it would end. And I'm not sure how we found out it would happen either.

    There, fortunately, were two very rare phenomenon in the two days preceding. One was aurora as the sun set. I was in some beach area to get a nice view, pacing around trying to think of and look for a suitable hill, as the sun was setting. My view of it was blocked almost every hill and raised area I tried.
    I spotted from the hill, a place down past some trees that looked awesome, and just as I was gonna bolt down there, I saw my sister and told her I'd found an awesome spot and we ran.

    Something happened here, got way off track when dream story took a turn, but I can't remember it, point is we didn't see the aurora....

    In a later dream I am around the area where I work IRL, got a good view of the second rare phenomenon, on top of the shop. But clouds have come rolling in and cover the entire sky. "There's no way we're gonna see it", I think to myself. I should be extremely upset, but I'm not.
    I start thinking about what may happen when the world ends. It's only half a day away at most, it's the evening as far as I can tell. (This is the day after the previous dream's day)

    The next several hours are filled with random conversations with people and things I can't remember.
    But the time has come and we are on the roof of the shop, turns out the clouds were the phenomenon, they have started twisting around and a just a big, grey vortex consuming our entire field of view. I don't know where is up or down, the roof we're standing on is not a roof of a building, it's "isolated", and so we are from the rest of the world, even though the entire world is experiencing the same thing, I know it, still we are consumed by the clouds. It's extremely disorienting, but somehow keeps me completely focused on what is happening. It's loud, winds are at least a hundred km/h but we're planted firmly on the concrete. My mum decides to jump in.

    There have been small holes forming in the cloud, one by one they jump in. I decide I must do the same, and say goodbye and think about my world as I plunge through.... whatever this was, and in to another.

    Another world does exist, but it's filled with monsters of all kinds, giant slugs to zombies, and many, many people who have been corrupted by this horror.

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    1. tommo's Avatar
      The rest of it revolves around that world.... but it's so fucking messed up I can barely comprehend it right now. It involved meeting up with heaps of my friends from school, I get nominated, for some reason, to get a chain put around my waist to go and kill zombies, they reassure me, saying they will pull me back if I'm in danger, but big mother fuckin slug comes at us from behind and I get loose while shooting it with my shotgun.

      There was some sort of weird sex involved, after the big fight. Not like kinky sex, but just.... weird. Emotionally.
      Nup, I've lost it.... Can barely remember the rest of it, it was crazy. Haven't had a dream screw with my emotions that much in quite a while.