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    You are not special

    by , 06-19-2012 at 01:36 AM (589 Views)
    I was generally hanging out with family at our holiday house and I ordered some fine tobacco online, it got there and it was holy basil with some other kind of leaf. Neither great for smoking To my knowledge anyway.

    Next scene I can remember, this old asian couple lived in this dilapidated house, and there was a cutout down a concealed alley where one of them would sleep.
    For some reason, someone was trying to abduct her. They were around my age but being told what to do by some older men.
    I was trying to stop them from getting her, and did some ingenious stuff to take them out one by one, but it ended up turning in to a flirting session between me and one of the girls.

    Next scene, I'm walking around my primary school, and there have been gardens beds set up. A guy is showing me all of his plants, really strange names on some of them. There's an old lady there, who works with the plants, and she told me that the kid I killed when I was saving the Asian lady was the special one.
    I told her "I was the special one, once". She said "No, HE WAS SPECIAL!". I said, calmly, "yes, my Grandma thought I was the special one too".

    Shortly after, some crazy shit happened that would be terribly difficult to describe via language, even if I could remember more of it.
    Then I was playing some sort of virtual reality, but it didn't feel like it. It was part of some game.... I don't know very odd.

    I was at the top of this castle (my just self suspended stairs and hallways etc. going up high, I'd climbed from the bottom and other people starting at the bottom were lined up. I saw the little dots (very far away) start ascending. Just near the top was a gap, right in front of my feet after the top stair.
    I thought there were all gonna fall, until I realised that the stairs were bouncy. They came bouncing up and I was trying to knock them down. I used a couple of little bomber-men (like from mario) and a few other things. It was futile.

    One of my thoughts when I was waking up was that I don't need to be the "king of the castle", the best etc. and I am not special.
    And that's awesome.

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