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    02.01.2014 Into the past

    by , 01-04-2014 at 05:29 PM (309 Views)
    A bunch of colleagues and myself decided to go to the beach. We all rallied on a square/market made of different parts of my last block in Zagreb, but somehow strongly reminiscent of Rijeka. I remember Peti, Grga, and the Mihaljevic brothers, but I think there was someone else with us. We walked between the tall concrete buildings surrounding the market, and got to the other side.

    We turned left past the buildings on the other side, and we were on a stone/dirt path heading for the beach. It was the same path I walked in Tomasevac, Rijeka, as a kid. The beach was very similar, but somehow different, the water was dark and looked more like an ocean, than a sea. It looked very nice but I didnít even think about swimming as we neared it, my mind was focused somewhere else.
    Suddenly I realized that I didnít bring any swimming gear, not even a backpack. I hurried back and Grga and someone else followed me on their bikes (which they didnít have previously).
    They decided to wait for me behind the house on the corner we turned last.

    I grabbed a plastic bag with my gym clothes, but no sneakers, and went back. Suddenly another colleague, Boltek, was in the group too. We went to the beach, but were in a spiraling staircase walking upwards.
    It was the spiraling staircase leading to a billiards club we often went to (and hung out there quite a lot in the past). The stairs were very narrow, and the guys were making their usual snarky remarks concerning my situation.

    Then, we were no Prokhorovka, a map in World of Tanks. The eastern side of the map was missing, and instead behind the tracks was the road to the beach we went through prior. We started from the north spawn, and pushed the south (the map was inverted). I was in my VK3601(H). As I pushed over the ridge I found a Sturer Emil confronting me. I flanked him, but he pinned me to the wall next to the road. As I tried to push loose, suddenly I had my hands again and, with help from Peti, tipped the Sturer over on his side away from me. I stepped over him and felt the armor plating beneath my feet bend and twist, as if it was made of tin. I was scared that I would fall through, but I didnít. It was only up to my chest height, too.

    Then we continued to the beachÖ.
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