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    18.12.2013 A dream of mirrors

    by , 12-28-2013 at 10:48 PM (281 Views)
    I was thinking in school, on a class about mirrors.

    The class was taught by a professor Potalec, who has nothing to do with physics in real life. He actually teaches in an electronics lab. The classroom had an endless field of green grass where the wall/chalk board should be. There was a wooden fence between the field and us, and on the small fence doors were 2 mirrors. They were open and by some unknown force the mirrors parted the grass ahead of them.

    The teacher made a point that the mirrors need to be parallel for the experiment to work. As he was talking, he showed the formula for the mirror on the non-existent chalkboard on the non-existent wall. The formula was complex and took 5-6 lines over the whole board. I recognized some symbols used in mirror calculation (d and C), but I had never seen that formula.

    I asked him if the mirrors were really ‘’in focus’’ and parallel, because they didn’t seem like that to me. I found the far side of the grass path was very blurry. He said everything was alright, so I asked the class if anyone else sees the same as me. The class was full of strangers (and some girls, which my current class doesn’t have). They said I was seeing things wrong and laughed at me. I announced that it must be my diopter then, and sat down.
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