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    28.12.2013 Psychonauts

    by , 12-28-2013 at 10:50 PM (304 Views)
    I was taking a Religious beliefs class test.

    It was taught by professor Mileta, another teacher from my high school who had nothing to do with the class, as he was in charge of automatic processes and measuring in electronics. When I came into the class and had a seat, Mileta said how I finally managed to arrive, Implying in a cynical manner that I was avoiding his class.

    I was taking the exam outside the classroom, on a hall counter identical to the one in my current home in Zagreb. As I went outside a colleague, Štrok, dropped his pen so I picked it up. The cap fell off but I didn’t bother getting it. I rather gave him the pen and acted as I didn’t notice, hoping that he doesn’t take notice of my laziness. He got up and picked it up himself. I blurted out “I was going to give it to you at the end of the class”.

    The exam contained questions about human psychology and relations, and space flight simulations. It was on a computer and even used KSP for the interface and simulation parts. I looked over the questions and didn’t know most of them, and that was very frustrating.

    I started explaining the difference between manned and unmanned satellites, which was basically landers versus satellites. I built them out of parts on an asteroid, which already had a lot of stuff on it, including some rockets. I had to place the parts horizontally on the surface as gravity was enabled. As I was doing this a sort of solar wind/flare came through and swept the asteroid. It blew small yellow particles horizontally from the left of the screen, and they crashed into my stuff, making black dots on it and blowing it around the asteroid. My Kerbal started screaming (the crew). I rage quit and pressed X on the program.

    Turns out my progress on the test got erased, so that frustrated me even more. I gave up and asked the professor what grade I would get for doing nothing on the test. He said 0. I was surprised he would give out a passing grade for no points (I took it like he said 2, a D). I was hesitant but ended up giving him the exam. He asked why I performed so badly, to which I said I didn’t study. He said “Well ok then” as if the answer was satisfying, and took my test.
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