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    1. The Arranged Marriage

      by , 09-30-2022 at 09:36 AM
      I'll preface this by saying I've been reading Fire and Blood by G.R.R. Martin.

      I dreamed that I was at my old house in Cedar Creek and my brother and I were about to be forced to marry. We sat on his bed and discussed it for a long while; Whether or not we should run away or commit. We reluctantly accepted our fate.
    2. Fragments 1/18/19

      by , 01-18-2019 at 04:24 PM
      * I was in some sort of poly-amorous foursome with my partner and a good friend, lets call her Kristy. The guy in the group was some random DC. Nothing really happened, Kristy had teased me but there was no follow through. Didn't think being blue balled in a dream was possible but now I know.

      * I was in a war-zone in the middle east. I legit don't remember much past that. I mostly remember feelings and concepts of a war-zone more than the actual dream. Random mention on a cargo plane.

      * I remember some guy yelling at me for cutting in line in front of one of his kids at a burger joint. It was dark out and we were making our orders at gas station pumps. His kid had really cut in front of me but the confrontation started to get violent so I just walked away. Cut to a random burger joint server offering me free food.

      * One of my friends/coworkers, we'll call her Letty, was in my home town for some reason. She picked me up? All of this is very weird because I live and work a days drive away from my home town. I don't know what our destination was but I remember going under an over-pass and onto a dirt road. I knew all the back roads so I was giving her directions.
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    3. Fallout

      by , 01-02-2019 at 02:37 PM
      The first snippet that i remember was, my pharmacist (D) and I were stuck (I think at work) during a nuclear fall out. People had instructed us to stay inside but he did't agree with it. I trusted him and we started to make our way outside as the bombs dropped. He was leading me frantically through the congested roads on foot when the explosion happened. It was loud as hell and it sounded close even if it wasn't. The hilarious part I realize now is that the geiger counter sound from the Fallout games started to fill my ears. And it wasn't a good feeling at the time. But I remember it increasing in tone rapidly then suddenly stopping few times. I think my fear had something to do with that, I kind of willed it to stop periodically because it was getting to be too terrifying, but I wasn't necessarily lucid.

      Another snippet I remember was driving my old Ford Explorer up nearly vertical terrain.

      Then at one point my husband had made me an elaborate (and heavy--painfully heavy) diamond ring. I don't even like diamond rings. Apparently a diamond in that ring had been someone's family heirloom melted down to be part of a new ring and they weren't happy with me when they found out. Didn't recognize that dream character but he was very cross with me.

      I briefly remember my cat running out my apartment door and into a neighbors apartment. We (random dream characters) spent a long time looking for her and that for a one bedroom apartment, it sure had a lot of fancy corridors etc.

      The weirdest dream I had is now vague in my mind. I know I was in the country side. My boss was there as well as my supervisor. I remember standing at some sort of makeshift counter working on God only knows what when someone hugged me from behind. I realized that my friend K had returned from her vacation. It was kinda weird because she isn't really the hugging type. And I enjoyed it far too much. She didn't let go for a solid minute. It was a really good feeling, a wholesome hug. And then at some point in the dream I had fallen victim to some sort of porcupine creature because I distinctly remember my supervisor (S) having to pull out quills all over my arms and face and legs with tweezers.

      I just remembered another fragment: I was in a diner where the servers *ice* skated across the floors. Except the ice wasn't like real ice, it was like the surface of a waterbed and covered in rubber. Very bouncy and weird. Apparently I had just started working there and couldn't skate. Whoever my boss was had been teaching my how to skate. I remember him making me sit on his lap at one point and I felt really weird and kept trying to escape. He was a total creep.

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    4. I didn't wake up before I died.........

      by , 12-14-2014 at 06:29 AM
      I feel like I spent 10 years of my life in the three hours that I slept last night. I was so embeded in the reality of my dream that I couldn't figure out whether or not that was reality or not. I became lucid off and on without actually knowing if I was. It was a total out of body experience and I wondered briefly if I was surely going to die if I could not get back to my real body, my real self. I've been shaken by this dream all day and cannot begin to describe how intense it was or how deeply ingrained it is in my mind even now.

      Last night I dreamt of my life 10 years from now. But I feel like I dreamt the whole ten years in a span of three hours.

      I was finally out of college, had my doctorate and was a traveling pharmacist and executive for a large corporate pharmacy chain. My girlfriend was now my wife (a careful detail I left out as I was explain my dream to her on the phone at 3am this morning), and not only my wife--but pregnant. My little brother was living in our penthouse apartment, trying to make his way through his first years of college himself. My girlfriend was gracious and accepting of his situation and didn't complain about his presence.

      One night in particular she was having bad pregnancy sickness or morning sickness. I was still in pant suit when 3am rolled around and she decided she was hungry. Having stayed up the entire night with her, I was doing all I could to accommodate her. Some unfortunate topic came up about her not wanting me to fly for some reasons that I refused to listen to--I was dead set on making that business trip. We ended up having a petty argument. As an attempt to make right for the foolish words I said, we made up, and I made my way out of the house and to what a burger at three in the morning to fetch her all the things I knew she'd love.

      What a burger in hand, I drove to the local doughnut chain. I arrived and they were closed still, not yet opened for the morning. I saw that the back door was open and helped myself in. I was greeted by a bunch of pimply faced teenagers who were already serving me allegations and threats. I begged them to fill my order in desperation, upset that they wouldn't fudge the rules just a tad because they'd truly be open in another 15 minutes. I was also stressed because I knew I had a flight to catch later that morning and wanted to get back to my girlfriend and enjoy the few hours I had left with her. I finally ended up convincing them that I was from corporate within their chain and put the fear of God within them. I got my coffee and doughnuts and went back home.

      The airport was chaos. Flights had been canceled. Some sort of conflict overseas. Not safe to fly. I ignored the buzz of anxiety in the terminals... I was oblivious. I got bored in the air port and spent my time in the bar. I ended up drinking too much and had way too much fun, I even hijacked a baggage vehicle to help me make my way around the chaotic airport terminals. This behavior was very unlike me and in retrospect. My girlfriend kept calling me and I kept ignoring her. I felt weird... I was too inebriated. I answered my girlfriends calls--she said she was concerned my flight had already taken off without me. I thought that was preposterous. She didn't want me to fly, bottom line.

      I ended up boarding my plane, uncertain that I was even on the right flight, but too prideful to say otherwise. I was regretting my decision to drink.

      The flight had been long and boring, I was now sober and pondering over how I had neglected my girlfriend. I would never do that in reality. (I don't understand how I took her for granted in my dream. Perhaps I still feel guilty for the one major mistake I ever made in our relationship. )

      Suddenly the whole plane shakes from violent turbulence. But it only shook once and then nothing else happened. It was odd and very much unlike what I was used to experiencing. As alarms beep, I rush to fasten my seat belt. It's weird because it has shoulder straps. I'm fumbling to get them locked in place. I was doing okay until an elderly journalist in the seat across the aisle says "God help them, they're too young." I knew he was referring to me and the other passengers. My anxiety immediately peeked as I fumbled to fasten my seat belt--made difficult by my shaking hands. I could hear the engines failing, I couldn't believe this was happening. I refused to accept reality. The plane nose dived and I rushed to pull the straps too on my harnesses. I knew that they were useless. I felt intense realistic pain as my body flew out of the sear against the straps of the harnesses. I tightened them and started shouting questions.

      I knew I had gotten on the wrong flight. I knew my girlfriend was right. I knew all the answers already to my own questions. I knew that the plane had been shot, and I knew we were nose diving towards death. I started to freak out internally. I started to yell at myself to wake up. That this is just a dream. That I was asleep on a shitty couch at my moms house and that I had to work tomorrow and an equally shitty job. That my girlfriend was real but not my wife. That I had to get back to her and make sure not to say all the stupid things I did in this dream and promised myself I'd never take her for granted.

      The plane struck water. The cabin filled. So did my lungs. I embraced death.

      When I really did wake up, it felt as though my soul had been shot back into my body. I woke up panting and sweating. I didn't go back to sleep after that.
      lucid , nightmare , memorable
    5. The Room is Empty But I am Not Alone

      by , 11-08-2014 at 06:07 AM
      So just a little back story: Almost a month ago I swear I thought I saw the silhouette of a spirit. Before I could text my friend and former heart ache about it, I already had a message on my phone from her stating that she thought she saw a ghost. We are both intensely rational people who don't normally say things like this. I was utterly freaked out.

      I finally fell asleep, and when I did, and I woke up within my friend's spirit. I arose from her body, and I could sense her arise from mine. We swapped places. I could see her house. As I tried to break away from her body, I felt my own spirit being consumed by some demon holding her own hostage. It felt like I was consumed by acid, and my life force was being sucked away in my attempts to rescue her. I woke up gasping for breath and didn't sleep for the following 72+ hours.
      nightmare , dream fragment
    6. Demonic Assailant

      by , 11-08-2014 at 05:58 AM
      This dream was a few days ago. Recently I've had a feeling I'm not the only spirit in my new apartment.

      I was awake in my bed, trying to fall asleep. And the demonic spirit kept harassing me by poking me and prodding me and trying to make me uncomfortable. Then I would wake up. I had countless false awakenings that revolved around an endless loop of being in my dark room alone. With each false awakening, the demon's attacks got worse and more pronounced.
    7. RV Road Trip

      by , 06-19-2013 at 04:16 PM
      RV Road Trip (Non-lucid)


      * Running around on a river bank which leads to the ocean watching sea turtles hatch and find their way to the water. End up helping one who keeps going in the opposite direction of the water. But every time I place it in the water it crawls back out... In the midst of this frustration the river quickly starts to evaporate before my eyes, and I'm taken by an individual (who I think is Sonya) and we literally fly over the bottom of the river bed and watch all the different plant life as we head towards the ocean. I see anemone and interesting plants I have never seen before with dish like structures attached to their stem and a pool of bacteria cultures contained within them.

      -Dream fades-

      Pulling and RV Riding in the back of a black car with the notions of going through San Antonio on a beach vacation. And trying to keep from being seen by a a guy who looks like Christopher Walken. Following another RV out of a populated gas station but only get a few feet when we realize we forgot to fill up, so we see a gas station which appears to be in the middle of nowhere and stop to fill up our RV. We get a call from the other people in the RV ahead of us saying that it's not safe and that "he" will find you. They tell us to drop everything and catch up with them but it's too late. I think the notion is crazy as is and instruct whoever is with me to keep at it.

      -Dream fades- (Vague memories of flying criss-cross between the high overpasses of San Antonio but against my own will.)

      * Arrive at the entrance to the beach which has high sand walls on either side for miles. The only entrance is blocked off and the guy who looks like Christopher Walken (the bad guy who allegedly abducted us) has us tunneling underneath. He ultimately gets us trapped in a big, sandy underground cave buy pulling an window unit air conditioner out of the only entrance/exit to the cave. I wake up trying to dig my way out again.
    8. Lunar Discovery

      by , 01-06-2011 at 05:30 AM
      Luner Discovery (Non-lucid)


      I walk outside to see a large rust colored moon on the edge of the horizon to the north west. I look towards the south west and notice another moon on the horizon, this one is light blue and just as large.

      I run inside to grab my camera and as I'm inside my mother tells me to hurry up before they vanish. When I return the moons are fading but as I look up in the sky I see several smaller moons high up in the sky forming a diamond pattern all around. It was amazing!


      Running around torch lit castle at midnight.
      Tags: lunar, moon, sky, space, surreal
    9. Harsh Winds and High Rains

      by , 01-03-2011 at 07:11 PM
      I'm with someone I know. I have no clue whether it's one of my best friends or a cousin. We're standing outside my house near our Mazda Tribute (SUV) and mom calls us inside to get ready to leave. My best guess is that we're about to go take part in some sort of holiday activity. Suddenly the wind starts to blow right before we reach the steps, we join hands and spend a good minute or so trying to fight our way to the back door to no avail. I give up go for the next best thing, the SUV. It's right behind us now and so I try to fall back to the nearest car door without over shooting. I just barely latch on and crack the door open. My companion looks at me expectantly.

      "If I open the door any wider, the wind will rip it off!" I yell through the loud sounds of the wind whistling by.

      I do my best to swing her around and into the car and succeed after several attempts and jump in behind her, closing the door.


      The family and my companion ride in the car, my best guess is that we're on highway 183 going right through the city of Austin. The weather is dark and grave and ahead HIGH up in the sky we can see the whole of a severe storm approaching, it's very surreal.We all discuss the marvel with great curiosity and then my companion speaks up and informs us about a news report she had seen.

      "It's at an incredibly altitude and lowering rapidly as it heads south east. They say it will reach it's lowest altitude and destructive force as it enters the city of [my home town]."

      All I remember is feeling distressed and worried.
    10. Distressed

      by , 11-22-2010 at 01:54 AM
      Distressed (Non-lucid)


      I and my mother on driving down a road and see a gas station. We both agree that we need a bathroom break and pull over. As I get out of the Mazda I see another man, the poster boy for a serial killer's henchman, exiting his vehicle. I walk around to my mother's side, exchange a knowing glance with her and open the door. From the moment we walk through the front door the man is on my heels. It's a big gas station and there are several twists and turns to reach the bathroom. So I know either he is following us, or has the same goal as us. I put my hand in the right pocket of my jeans and grip the pocket knife that never leaves my side. We pass the men's bathroom on the way to the women's and he is still following us. With no way to turn back, I and mom enter the bathroom and he's still on our heels. We both play dumb and as soon as she enters one of the stalls I enter the same one and try to shut the door behind me. He starts forcing his weight against the door.

      "No fair girly! Just open the door!" He's says in a Bronx, thug accent.

      He starts to push in and even sees me pulling open the knife but still pushes forward and tries to reach for it. My strength was no match for his and he pried the door open. I stabbed him. I inflicted as much damage as I could, at first only superficial to try and scare him off because I didn't want to take a life. But in the end, it's what I had to do.

      I and my mother exit the stall, his blood all over my clothes. She runs to get help and call the police and I run out into the parking lot stumbling from the effects of faded adrenaline and the fear from realization that I almost visited my worst nightmare.

      I pull out my phone unconsciously and place a call, putting the phone to my ear just as I reach our SUV. I try to open it, but it's locked, so I just lean my head against the glass and let out a sigh. The phone rings. Once, twice, three times... I get her voice mail. At first I think about hanging up, but the scared and distressed part of me wont allow it and wins over. After a short moment of silence I begin to speak...

      "...Connie, it's me, Tessa." It's all just a whisper.

      "Please just call me back. ...I need you..."

      I hang up and slump down to take a seat on the curb, waking up shortly after.

    11. Not Gonna Get Us

      by , 11-22-2010 at 01:38 AM
      Not Gonna Get Us (Non-lucid)


      I'm with my Great Aunt Connie who I will just say now, is one of my most favorite people in the world. We're in a rural area with a group of people who like Connie and I are on some serial killers hit list. This killer uses distance to his advantage and picks us off with a sniper.

      We're standing outside a safe house that we'd just arrived at and one of the members of the group gets a call. I'm standing in the loosely formed half circle of the group holding Connie's hand, almost hiding behind her as if I were a shy little girl all over again and hiding behind my mother. The person's expression becomes frightened and strained and she/he turns the speak phone option on. It's the serial killer. He has us stand in an odd formation and if we don't follow his instructions exactly, he shoots us on the spot. One poor girl makes a mistake and a loud gunshot can be heard coming from the mountains, half a second's delay later, a bullet pierces her skull and she collapses. The group scatters like a bunch of ants who's mound just got stepped on. Connie pulls me towards the nearest car (which I might say was a very nice car with leather seats and could only belong to an upper-class person) and before I know it we're driving away.

      It's sunset and by the time we make it to a LARGE sea-side city it's late at night. There's huge sky scrapers all over and one of them is a first class hotel which we stop at for the night. Our room is on like, the 40th floor overlooking the ocean. I walk hesitantly into the room and look through the windows at a sky scraper that's just as tall not too far in the distance. My heart drops to my gut and I rush over and close those blinds. I drag my feet across the floor towards the bed while Connie's in the bath room and sit on the farthest side from the room's door. I pull my knees up to my chest and hug the close, staring blankly at the ocean ahead. I don't even notice Connie walk around to the other side of the bed and sit down next to me, until she puts her hand on my shoulder and pulls me into a hug. I curl up into a tight ball and fall asleep in her arms.


      I'm the sun just set and I'm riding into town with mom and Toby who are occupying the front seats. I get a phone call from Connie and she seems upset, she only says a few words here and there and mostly there's just silence on the other end. She starts to say something but cuts short and says "no, I can't..." That's not Connie's normal behavior, Connie is firm, sharp and direct when it comes to serious situations.

      "Come on, you can tell me, " I said.

      There was silence and strained breathing in the background for a moment more before she hung up.

      We arrive at the store and I part ways with my mother shortly after entering. I'm headed towards the media section when I see Connie walking and talking with the store manager. She was here to remodel our Walmart! I was over-joyed and it was as if I'd never got the phone call.
    12. Distant Castle (Last Night Before Nights Dream)

      by , 10-20-2010 at 08:29 PM
      Distant Castle(Non-lucid)


      I'm floating down a desert river in an inner-tube. The never changing sky is bronze and gold on the horizon, panning into star speckled black skies. I float through and around tall, rust colored rocky crags. I feel the light autumn wind hit my face with a slight chill that signals the first of this season's cold fronts is on it's way. I'm accompanied by an unknown person, a dream character. They float along with me down the river, fearing the possibility of waterfalls. I assure this person that we will survive regardless and suddenly begin to recall flashes of a past memory: I'm jumping off a tall cliff top and diving head first into the icy water below, I feel the water sting my face with force of impact and low temperatures. (Note: This is a memory of a past lucid dream. I was not aware of this fact until after I awoke.)

      I explain the experience to the fearful person, I tell them of the pure exhilaration I felt from free-falling from such a height and they start to calm down. Just then the crags start to decline and level out and we see a waterfall ahead. We topple over the edge and though my companion lands upright with little fuss, I fall on my side and out of the inner-tube. We float on for a little while more until we float into the ocean and the waves wash us ashore. The moon shines brightly and soft wisps of clouds pierce it like ghostly spears. It hangs just over a tall castle that sits on a mushroom shaped island that is raised high above the water. I take in the sight and it send chills down the back of my spine, leaving me breathless. A crooked and skinny path of rock and dirt that is extended from the shore reaches out to the front entrance of the eerie castle. We make out way towards it and once inside we are greeted by the band, MUSE. They are holding a rehearsal concert on the main floor of the castle and allow me to stand and watch the performance from the windowed control room opposite the stage on the back wall.

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    13. The British Are Coming!

      by , 10-20-2010 at 07:27 PM
      The British Are Coming!(Non-lucid)


      I was a "look-out" for my grandmother's house. At first I merely stood in a look-out tower in her yard and watched for people dressed as the queens royal guard. Later in the dream I held onto a single poll which I had to balance on a square platform that was several feet above the ground. The dogs would frolic and play below me and make me nervous, so I jumped off the platform and hopped towards them on the poll, scaring them off. But I regretted it because I almost chased them into oncoming traffic. Later in the dream I'm taking a break and hanging out with my mother and brother in my grandmother's garage. I find some lined paper and pretend that they are piano keys. When I play, they make music and so I begin to play flawlessly.

      I also remember a fragment of watching my 5 year old self in third-person, she was lost on an abandoned brick docking area in Italy. Right in the canals. I'm found by a young guy, most likely in his teens holding a camcorder. He takes me to a day group for children where I'm for unknown reasons unable to drink the fruit juice and so I get extra bananas even though they are under ration. Everyone is jealous of me.

    14. Iron Woman

      by , 07-05-2010 at 02:21 PM
      Iron Woman (Non-lucid)


      I in an abandoned warehouse, I've been spotted by bad-ish guys. They don't try to harm me, but I know I'm not safe around them at all. Right now I'm doing them a favor, I believe in return for some sort of information, think of it as an exchange of information. They ask how I keep getting in undetected, I've been in control of the situation and I liked to toy with them so I'd sneak in the warehouse all the time instead of walking through the front door. It intimidated them, which was my whole reason for doing it.

      "I never go the same way twice," I tell them in an aloof tone.

      We exchange a few words and I free climb through the rafters and out a window near the highest point of the building. I jump onto some crates below and work me way down to an ally way below, right next to some docks. Out there I'm confronted by an man in his late 30s, he has evil, greedy intentions. There's an innocent younger boy following him. The young boy has great power, he can use the force (like in starwars) to move objects. The energy he uses has a blue aura. The man confronts me and demands to know something, he's very rude and forceful. Because he is so rude I make some casual sarcastic remark that pisses him off even more. We get in a bit of a scrap, he is weak compared to me and so he yells at the boy to help him. The boy, unsure, starts to build up his energy.

      "You and I both know you shouldn't," I said to the boy in a sympathetic tone. "Save your power for some greater cause."

      I fight off the man after a moment and scare him off, I'm left with the poor young boy.

      I'm some how made aware of a situation going on "down town."

      "I'll be back," I tell the boy. I gear up in my Iron-Man suit and fly off. I fly past buildings and huge sky scrapers. I spot something on the streets below, some giant dinosaur. I fire at it with the weapons in the palms of my hands and destroy it.

      I realize it was just a giant decoy, it wasn't even real. I'm alerted to a situation going on back at the docks, something's happening to the boy. It was all a trick.

      Recall fades.
    15. Band Meet

      by , 07-05-2010 at 02:21 PM
      Band Meet (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a river, actually I'm standing on a very wide and shallow bank. There's a waterfall on the other side and right next to me is a large drop off where the water gets really deep and the current is very fast. There are many predators (and their prey) animals there with me. They're everywhere, but yet they aren't chasing each other or trying to eat one another. I'm standing next to a bear who's watching many fish swim by, I wonder why he isn't trying to catch them. At one point the water gets really bloody around me, I think because the bear finally killed one of the fish.

      My dream shifts and the river bank slowly becomes some sort of events area. I think it may have turned into a large cruise ship. There are many different bands on this ship, they're all taking turns using the stage. I really liked one of the groups so I ran over to a table they had set up that had their songs burned on CD's. All the band members were sitting behind the table causally carrying on light-hearted conversations. I pick up one of the pamphlets sitting on the table and start to read. It has somewhat of a limerick, talking about how dull one of the band members sex life is and how he rather watch war documentaries.
      (It was actually kinda funny but I can't remember it right now... -_- So please, feel free to question my mental health.) There's a scan of an old painting in the pamphlet, most of the people in it are incredibly pale naked women. I pay little attention to it and continue reading until my mother harshly grabs my arm. I close the pamphlet in a single handed motion and act nonchalant. (Uh yeah, my parents may be considered kinda strict to some people...)

      "Hey, what's up?" I say cooly.

      She says nothing and holds up another copy of the same pamphlet. She seems pissed at the fact that I was even reading it all. I sighed and managed to shoo her off after a while.

      I walk back to the table.

      "How much for a copy of your CD?" I ask the lead singer who's still sitting behind the table.

      "We're giving 'em away right now. Here, take one," he says and smiles, handing me a CD. He reminds me of Justin Pierre from Motion City Soundtrack.

      I sit down across from the group and start asking them random questions for no real reason at all. I ask them stuff like "What's your favorite ice cream, color, where did you grow up?" All sorts of random things. They started asking me why I even bothered talking to them, I forget my reply.

      Recall Fades.
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