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    Bittersweet Phone Call

    by , 07-01-2010 at 10:14 PM (328 Views)
    Bittersweet Phone Call (Non-lucid)


    I was in some sort of child care program, and orphanage. I dunno why. I posed as I and my brothers social service adviser or what ever and used my weak powers of deception to escape. I remember frags of of being on the street and I or someone I care a lot about was shot.

    Second frag: I was annoying a telemarketer for calling in the middle of the night over. I forget what I was saying to him, but he was really mad at me.

    Last dream:

    The sun had almost set when the phone rang.

    "Hello?" I answered.

    "Hello Love," a warm voice says on the other end of the line.

    "Connie!" I gasp. "Where are you?" I ask.

    "About 15 minutes away from your house, I'll be there shortly."

    "Oh great!" I say excited.

    I hear her take in a deep breath and there's a short pause for a few seconds. I know she's about to give some sort of bad news.

    "Sweety... Stephany is back so my boss is sending me to a different location," she says glumly.

    I hold the phone away from my ear, fighting back tears. After I pull my self back together I explain that I'm a mess and need to change before she gets here. I remember fragments of her pulling in the driveway and I running behind the house and climbing in my bedroom window. I wanted to see her, but I was afraid to say good bye.

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