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    1. Dream Fragment: Spear to the Chest

      by , 04-29-2014 at 07:02 PM
      Date: 29.04.2014

      I was attempting a WILD but lost conscious awareness and fell asleep. I then came to in a cobblestone alley between two buildings hewn from stone, upon exiting the alley I looked around to see that I was in some kind of courtyard looking up at a huge castle-like structure that was growing from the stone. It had grass on the spires and tops of the roof/battlements like it had risen from the ground, It was falling apart and the whole place seemed abandoned.

      Then I saw what looked like a patrol made up of a ragged group of soldiers, lead by a brown haired, bearded man wielding a spear and wearing a dark cloth cape with a symbol on the back I can't recall. he pointed me out to his soldiers and shouted "There he is!" This is when I realize I am wearing this leather armour with a symbol on my shoulder (I can somehow see this from a 3rd person perspective) which I know is the mark of an enemy clan/kingdom. I start to run away but the guy with the spear throws it, and it slams into my back and out my chest. I look down, kind of in shock at the spear and the amount of pain I was in, then I woke up suddenly. The feeling of the spear was pretty horrible!


      The guy with the spear.
      The "Padfoot Incident": Follow Up-spearguy.jpg

      The symbol on the armour I was wearing.
      The "Padfoot Incident": Follow Up-symbol.jpg

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    2. Old Dreams: Lunatic Test Facility

      by , 04-28-2014 at 10:31 PM
      Note: This is a part of a much longer dream, but this is the only part I can remember clearly.

      The dream follows on from me and a group of people I don't know escaping a prison facility. We escape into a large mainly metal city, which has a very steam punk/futuristic look to it, with rusty brown buildings and smoke coming from vents etc. we are in orange jumpsuits, and are running from guards in black armour.
      Note: I can kind of draw, so I will probably add sketches/illustrate these dreams at a later date.
      After running away form a while I get separated from these two guys, and i make my way for quite a while, I manage to find a sort of futuristic police station and commandeer a flying ship (too hard to explain what it looked like) as I fly this ship away to rescue my friends, it transforms into a high tech steam punk glove that looks like a pointed foam finger, which I use to direct my flight over the city.
      I land and lose the glove, as I find my friends chained in a line with other prisoners, who have been caught and beat up pretty bad.
      I am caught as well and herded into a room where we are sorted into two groups, one group go to a normal prison because they were employed and had family.
      I saw one of my friends from school was wearing a black jumpsuit who had obviously switched sides to work with the guards.

      My group were to be sent to a lunatic asylum/test facility because we were unemployed and had no family that would miss us. We enter this facility and it actually looks pretty good, sort of like a luxury resort. I meet a girl from my old school and we start having a conversation about her favorite musician.
      Then a woman walks in and orders everyone to get on the floor and put their hands on their head, adding that the first to do so would get $500. I comply, as does my friend, but there is a girl who is arguing and resisting the woman and the guards. The woman counts down from 3 and the guard executes her on the spot with a syringe filled with clear liquid.
      Then we are told to sit in these seats, in rows like at a cinema. They were large, dark red and surprisingly comfortable.
      I notice some more of my friends, all from different times in my life. I am called down to the front along with 5 or 6 other guys for the first experiment.

      We gathered in a circle and we each held on to a large syringe in the middle filled with clear liquid. We were told to try force the syringe needle into the person opposite us, we all start pushing, and it's clear one guy is weaker than the rest as we target him.
      The syringe punctures his neck, and I think he died from that. Then there was a second part of the experiment; we were told one of us will try to use the syringe again, this meant we had to decide whether or not to let go, because if we did, we could get injected. I take responsibility and make everyone else let go.
      One guy is sweating and repeatedly glancing at the needle, so I break it off and put it in a bag, handing it to the guy in charge, feeling triumphant.

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    3. Old Dreams: Mission Impossible X

      by , 04-28-2014 at 10:00 PM
      I was in a luxurious hotel/building of some kind, with wood paneled walls and red/purple carpets. I am with a rag tag group of friends, old and new, from completely different places and times.
      We were surrounded by a lot of military leaders and important people both from films/TV shows I had watched and from real life, such as Obama and other people who I knew were important.
      Suddenly the dream is chaos as a number of assassinations start to take place; I see a group of these high ranking officials step into an elevator to plummet to their deaths, purple smoke fills the room and there are bodyguards and spies pulling out guns and starting a shoot out.

      Me and my friends also pull out firearms and join in, covering behind a sort of lobby like desk. One of my friends shouted "Why can't we all be friends" then a man in a grey suit who I know is my ally, grabs another guy and jumps out the window, I grab a grey cushioned, steel frame chair and jump out after him (hoping to use the chair to break my fall I guess) we plummet a huge distance before landing, the chair crumples under me and I survive, but I feel like i have broken my ribs.

      Looking around I have landed in a sunny park with people riding bikes/relaxing, I look back and see the building I jumped from, a huge grey tower block, with small windows. I can see the window from which I jumped.
      Somehow I end up in a doctors office at a high tech lab called "Black Villain", probably for my ribs. I remember seeing a pale blue poster on the wall, advertising "Carbonatate" Headphones. I also see the doctors clipboard, which has a drawing of a ball, with a line across to a man who seems to be fist pumping, I can tell this is supposed to represent him in good health.