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    Ascension and then war

    by , 11-04-2013 at 11:47 AM (546 Views)
    This was a really big dream , what you'd get here is a fragment.

    So, our family is going to a hill station , in a fantasy world. Scenario changes to another one where I am besieging a city square bazaar , here people are really packed , we are waiting , for the people to get done of the preparations we need to live in the central building as our headquarters . Here we keep ordering stuff to the people. So , finally we move in the building . Father tells that he chose this because it is in the densest population areas and if we were to be attacked , it would take a lot of time for people to come and we can then escape through the secret route .
    Now , the scenario changes back to my family trip. We are almost near the town we wanted to reach . We move in to a small floor in a rented house in the middle of the town , I don't know why but we're wanted by some people. I roam around the town for a while figuring out something , I come across a woman , who was my family's enemy . She chases me towards a dead end hill (note that we're not running on streets but jumping from rooftop to rooftop , there are houses with slanting roofs) . Finally , I get tired of running and I fire an energy wave at her , which makes her badly injured. At that time my mom comes and says " good that you pawned her. Now we can live in her house while she in rotting in the prison." The pixie opens a door into her house , but it is too small , so I make the door bigger by merging few cells in it. We move in , our butler takes care of all the needs .
    Now the scenario changes again, this time I am a prince , my father and a king residing in one of my towns, decide to host a race . I would be on a horse and I'd be racing through the town , while behind be there are three men (hired ninja's) who would have to catch me. The winner decides the kingdoms fate, I start galloping on my horse while there are three disheveled men behind me. I take turns , trying to have them lose my track. I jumped over food stalls in the bazaar , take turns into alleyways , I see only two of them behind me. I hop over a stall , creating a jam on the alleyway , one of them breaks down , panting. I gallop my horse and make it spin in between of a fork road , it appears like i am going straight but I turn , making the second guy crash into a stall. I go to the finish line and find a crowd waiting for me just before the finish line.
    Scenario changes again , this time there is a prince standing few feet from me and I am in disheveled clothing. I have the chance to win the race , just by touching the prince who is proudly addressing his victory , but then I stop , I don't do it and the prince wins the race. Scenario changes again , I am now looking at a map with 4 icons , men who are fighting for the throne , the kings didn't follow what they had said regarding the race. The prince is badly injured while his father dies , the prince runs away.

    I wake up. I learn't how to change the DC i control along with subconscious flying. The dream was semi-lucid , I was like living through a story.

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