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    1. Crunchy, Juicy Banana Grapes

      by , 09-15-2017 at 04:37 AM
      (Dream is entirely NON-LUCID) It started with me waking up in an apartment. Some walls were red and the carpet was black. The overall setup of the room was weird. I then set off on some long walks to go gather parts for a vape. (This is something i rarely think about.. huh.) I went to one store for the battery piece, another for the atomizer, and one more place for the juice. All the stores looked like your average run-down corner store. Then me and my girlfriend went to a forest, which also had some trailers and an in-ground swimming pool. I took some hits off the vape, (tasted a bit like candy strawberry) and then we went for a ride. The vehicle (which i had no idea what it was, might have been a horse carriage) took us to White Rock (a place close to where i live), but the weird thing is it was some weird chinatown remake of White Rock. The stores were very strange. One store was selling nothing but avocados and limes, and the other was an entirely pepsi-themed store. We drove down the rode for a few more seconds and walked into a semi-dark building with deep blue arcade style carpets and random stuff all over the inside. Some guy handed us these yellow grapes, still on their stem of the same color. The grapes weren't really attached to the stem, they were more so a part of it. The whole thing, grapes and stem, looked like one stiff object. I ate a few of the odd grapes and they were REALLY crunchy and juicy. They tasted like really old juicy bananas. They were really gross but i kept eating them anyways. The dream ends with us walking up some stairs, eating them more and more.
    2. Orokin Tower: Time Challenge [Not Lucid]

      by , 04-03-2017 at 05:55 PM
      I was walking down the hallway until i noticed a door. I can't remember how the door looked, but i went inside and realized it was a challenge room. I immediately turned back, remembering previous orokin challenges i had in dreams. The door closed and locked before i could escape, and the challenge had started. There was a console in the middle, and the entire room was ornate gold, lots of golden pipes running through the walls. It was a white-gold color. The ticking of a clock started slow, and escalated to the normal clock ticking speed. I stood still, the timer (60 Seconds) in the corner of my eye started going down. I ran around frantically looking for some way to get out. I noticed that the more i moved around, the slower the timer went down. I started to jump, each fall like a slow, low-gravity descend to the ground. This seemed to be the best way to treat the timer.
      I heard a ding noise, along with some mechanical whooshing. There was a door opposite to the one i had entered from, which had opened along with the entry door. The doors shot up into the ceiling like a high-tech door would. I went inside the new door, to find some Akaviri weapons on the ground. I picked up the dagger. It looked strangely low-resolution, but that didn't seem to bother me. Suddenly, three skeletons appeared even further into the room, with more of the weapons. I fought them all, the combat seemed to work like it does in the Elder Scrolls; Oblivion. That was also weird, and i couldn't even feel any movements i was making during the fight.
      After less than a minute of that, i woke up to my alarm.
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    3. The dream i am most proud of.

      by , 12-10-2012 at 04:06 AM
      I found myself in the strangest environment ever. It seemed like a trainstation, mixed with grass terrain and such. It's hard to explain, you are probably not thinking of it correctly. Anyway, i decide to climb the hill in front of me. three hooded guys show up and walk toward me. They say nothing, but the thought instantly and randomly went through my head, and they wanted to assassinate a family we used to hang out with. They hand me a huge axe, probably something i couldn't carry in real life. And we start walking toward their house. The crappy thing is i woke up before the mission was carried out, or before i even saw a member of the family.

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