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    03.25.16 Kidnapped- Home Invasion

    by , 03-25-2016 at 06:05 PM (158 Views)
    Bed around 11pm. Coughing, sneezing and still dealing with allergy issues.
    IRL, I had situations with crows:
    Two crows swooped down on me(while I was in the car. One of them almost flew into my windshield/)..and a third blocked the road (cawing at another bird) while I was driving. People call them bad omens so I'll just post it here just in case.

    DR 1

    I was in a home with my two small nieces (ages 6 and 7). The 7 year old was in the shower. The 6 year old was upstairs in her room.
    Someone invaded my home. I didn't hear them come in. A man and a woman both pointed their guns at me. The man told me not to move, and then said I may have something in my bra. The woman grabbed at my breasts and upon finding nothing just returned to her spot in the living room. They hear a noise from the bathroom. I started running towards the door and the couple tried to stop me, by pointing their guns at me. The man went towards the bathroom with the gun pointed out in front of him. I told him that my niece was in there- and asked him, "please don't shoot". My niece came out of the bathroom in a towel and ran towards me. She hugged me. I sat her down on the floor/couch? I started addressing the couple. I told them they needed to keep us alive. He scoffed at me and I started pleading my case. I do't really remember what it was.

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