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    04.20.2016 Creepy Phone Guy

    by , 04-21-2016 at 03:07 PM (184 Views)

    I have been completely pre-occupied with flooding in my area. It rained for about 3 days straight- Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Most of the areas here are flooded. All of the school districts were shut down, many homes and businesses had no power. My office was closed, so I have been working from home all week. Yesterday we lost power for a short time, but other than that things have been okay on my end. I have been very exhausted and unable to sleep. Last night I was finally able to sleep at a decent time. I didn't recall much, but this is a lot for me as I have not been able to recall anything in days.

    DR 1
    I dreamt I was in my cubicle, seated at a chair. I was trying to go to sleep, but I kept being interrupted by random things going on at work.
    There was a lady in the cubicle in front of me. I knew her; she used to work with me last year. She was dressed up very nicely and had on bright red lipstick.

    DR 2
    I was a third party, and I was watching a lady. She kept lying to people about things. She had a apparently lied to this guy about something serious...killing someone? Her friend went to a hotel room and covered it up for her. He even made it look like someone had blown the elevator doors open. At the end of the dream, she is sitting at a picnic table with her friend, and she is telling another lie to someone else. It looked like that was going to go on forever.

    DR 3
    I was making a miniature Christmas tree to match the big one that was already set up. I did this while sitting right next to a huge 7 foot tree. I was making mine a personalized version, because it had photographs on it. There were a lot of icicles everywhere. I was happy doing this, very content.

    DR 4
    I received a phone call from a man with a thick Southern accent. I didn't like what he was saying- he insulted me. I told him I didn't want to talk to him anymore. I received a second phone call. This was from a lady. She started saying that she knew the guy I just talked to. So, I told her he was creepy and to be careful- I said a bunch of things warning her about him. All of a sudden the guy was on the phone saying "haha it was me all along- I changed my voice". I freaked out and told him to leave me alone and stop calling my phone. I was very mad and upset.
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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      Ok obviously I like the christmas dream the best
      well done with the detail, mine has been non existent rest of the week also