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    04.23.2016 I'm turning out the lights

    by , 04-26-2016 at 01:15 AM (272 Views)
    I have been preoccupied with family situations, thinking a lot about the future and possible futures. I think I have been concerning myself with these kinds of things lately, as evidenced by my dreams. I have not gotten much sleep. I did not concentrate on awareness today and so I did not recall more than one dream.

    DR 1

    I dreamt about being with a family...a little girl and two boys. We are outside In the countryside. There is open sky, and there are fields of green everywhere. The little girl is angry at me, I am trying to console her, because she only wants to go home. We see a plane fly by above us. I try to encourage the girl to stay and watch the plane. But then then suddenly, the plane falls out of the sky!
    We are startled. Then-.half the sky turns off. Its as if someone has hit a light switch, but only on half of the sky (right side from where we are standing). I become very concerned about our safety. Everything is dim, so I tell the kids we will all go to the house together. We travel by foot to a little cabin.
    I get them inside. The girl is obviously the first one inside, because shes wanted to go home so bad.
    And we stay there...I use the toilet while the kids are getting ready for bed.

    I am mostly just trying to figure out what to do. I start looking around the house for a short wave radio, or anything I could possibly communicate with. Instead, I find small miniature jukebox , which is of no help but is somehow comforting. I am reminded of days when I was younger and remember about A-track and cassette tapes. Anyway, I am fumbling in the kitchen when I awake...

    Side Notes: It seemed so real when the plane went down and the sky got dark. Iw as scared but I went into protective mode...There was no time to feel real fear. Thinking back, I was very afraid, but more afraid to show it I think. Somehow in the dream I feel like I'm a father, not a mother.
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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      Sounds like you are worried about a situation being a precarious balancing act.
      The falling sky being things getting out of your control.