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    05.11.2016 Arrested

    by , 05-11-2016 at 02:57 PM (336 Views)
    A lot of exercise lately. Allergy problems prevail, so I took benadryl last night again. My body is sore today.

    I am rubbing my arms and forearms.

    DR 1

    I'm with my sister, and we've been arrested. I've done something terrible (killed or hurt someone) and I am in a lineup on a platform. There are odd characters in the lineup and nobody looks like me. A few minutes later my sister is released and she tells me not to worry. She leaves for a while, and I can see her- talking with her children and my mom. I start to wonder if things will be okay, and if I will make it out. I am still standing on the platform, waiting for someone to tell me what my fate will be.

    The next thing you know, the lighting changes and the whole platform moves to a mall. We are in the middle of the mall, and I am still on the platform. I climb down. We are very close to a McDonald's and my sister has bought the kids some food. They are running around excitedly, and then she tells me she has a surprise. Its a little dog- tiny puppy that is brown and black. I pick him up and hug him and tell them that he is so cute. I am really happy but I keep wondering if I am going to be arrested or taken away for my wrongdoings.
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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      Heavy judgment is hanging over your head, you must try to forgive yourself
      Would you judge a puppy, it is innocent like you, and just wants to be loved