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    05.16.2016 birthday??

    by , 05-17-2016 at 05:49 PM (390 Views)
    I am sick- full blown cold and lots of meds. Home from work today, but I am working online and its crazy busy.

    Side Notes:
    In posting these dreams I have noticed there are dreams with lots of green grass, children, also sunny days.

    I am in very modern home. Everything is grey and black. I am in bed, and there is a huge window to my left. (The room reminds me of being in Vegas). I am lying beside someone, apparently, a boyfriend (? Nobody I know IRL). I can feel that we are not married but that the relationship is getting serious. He gets up while I am sleeping (dreamy/sleep state). I rise and start to dress. I grab my phone and I see that the text message I sent him the night before- its all jumbled and it looks like I wrote it while drunk. Its supposed to be some kind of silly sexy message from a song- so I become embarrassed.

    DR 1A
    Dream changes and I am at my mom's house. I am telling her about the text and how I'm so embarrassed. I am also worried, because I don't want my boyfriend (?) to think I am not serious about our relationship. We end up talking and walking to an area where there are lots of stores- a sort of shopping plaza with restaurants. There is a kosher place, and a place to get ice cream.

    We walk into a restaurant (?), we sit down and she leaves. A friend (?nobody I know IRL) of mine is there and we start to talk. She starts to say its my birthday and I tell her I don't really want to do the group thing. I see another friend(?) and tell her that all i really want is a piece of cake, so we walk out together. Outside, there is green grass, and children kind of playing everywhere. One of the children has a remote controlled toy, kind of like a fairy helicopter, that picks up and drops a deck of cards one by one. Its a very sunny day and I am happy. I am amazed by the toy and I wake up.
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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      don't deny your desires for cake or anything else