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    07.18.2016 Kidnapped

    by , 07-19-2016 at 08:58 PM (379 Views)
    Bed at 10pm in attempt to catch up on much needed sleep. I also took echinacea drops in a few ounces of water.
    I did not end up sleeping, because I could not get comfortable.
    I was still sensitive to noise (???) I even put in ear plugs but I kept waking up.
    My body was aching because of working out and practice. I began to develop a slight headache.
    At around 1am, I decided to take something for the headache and went back to sleep.
    Decided to sleep at the foot of my bed after many failed attempts at sleeping or resting.
    I was finally able to fall asleep during the early morning hours before my alarm at 6:45am.
    Recall is not good; I was so tired and I didn't jot anything down.

    DR 1
    I had been kidnapped by a man. I remember sitting on the floor in a cell (?), but it was rather large. The room was white, the floors were white/grey. I couldn't really see the bars around me when I was inside. I could only see them as a third person. I was scantily clad. The man would tell me to do things- like "bring a dish(?) or plate(?) here" and "there". And "go sit on the floor". I was not the only slave. There were others. We were not "frightened", but more "broken". I felt like my spirit had been broken.

    Side Notes:
    This is the 2nd dream this week with a kidnapping.
    I felt very submissive in this dream. I don't generally feel like a slave IRL, but I suppose it mean being a slave to many responsibilities and still trying to do what I want to do.
    The colors white, and grey

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