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    3 pretty vivid dreams from last night.

    by , 06-05-2012 at 10:36 AM (325 Views)
    Crying (Non-lucid)


    I was sitting on the couch with my girlfriend, at her house. She asked me something, and I asked, "What??" She looked at me in the eyes and said, "We should break up." My eyes watered and I asked, "Why...? WHY???" Over and over. She just kept repeating, "We should break up... we should break up..." "WHHHHHYYYYY?!!?!?!?!?!" Suddenly I woke up, with the "We should break up..." still echoing in my head. Freaky! And sad. D:

    Kennywood Field Trip (Non-lucid)


    My school had gone on a Kennywood field trip. One of my favorite bands was performing a concert there. The band exists in real life, and is called "The Bunny The Bear" The dream skipped and I believe I was waiting in some line. I had won a free pair of Beats By Dre white Solo HDs. I was happy because now I owned the white and red ones(in real life I have the red solo hds). I was showing them off to everyone. Meanwhile, many other people had them, so whatever. The dream skipped again and now I was sitting in what seemed to be a mix between the cafeteria from my old school, and a concert arena. I was trying to find a place to sit. I saw places where all the unpopular kids were sitting, so I avoided those spots. I sat with some popular kids for awhile, but they just ignored my presence. Just like they do in real life!! Lol, anyways. So I got up and I believe I sat with my friend Robert. I started showing him how I would punch him in the face, or something. I wasn't physically hitting him, but my fists were flying at him at fast speeds. Suddenly, I guess maybe the manager at Kennywood, or a teacher came over, and told me to stop immediately, and that there was a strict policy at Kennywood now for fighting, so I quit. The Bunny The Bear came on shortly after. In real life, the Bear sings really high, and the Bunny sings the screaming parts. Well in my dream, the Bear was singing the high parts, and most of the screaming parts, and the Bunny didn't sing at all. It was pretty awesome though. They were playing songs I've never heard before, by them, or anybody. That's all I remember for this dream.

    Buying Candy With My Mom's Debit Card(lol) (Non-lucid)


    In this dream, I had aquired my mother's debit carb number, and I basically remembered it by heart. I was in Wal-Mart around Christmas time, although, the store had a Halloween type setting. Me and my friends were walking around the candy aisles, and we were looking at the many different types of candy. Soon they left me and I was on my own looking at the candy. First I had bought some kind of yellow drink that was flavored like a candy(I forget what the candy was, all I remember is that it had a witch on it and had the word Tornado in it), and I had also bought other candies as well. I do not remember them though. After I checked out at the register, I took my bag and walked down this path by Wal-Mart with my friend Brandon Colwell, from my old school. The path decended(aka, a hill, lol). We walked down and we were down there at some event, I don't remember what it was. The dream skipped and I was back at Wal-Mart, ready to buy more candy. This time, I was browsing the aisles alone, and closing time was near(lol). I found one of my favorite childhood candies, the Raspberry Dollars. I instantly grabbed them. I figured out there was a regular candy aisle, and a "halloween setting/candy" candy aisle. I went to the Halloween aisle. It was extra dark, and scary music played, and lights flickered, which was stupid, but anyways, I walked down the aisle and it was nothing really that special until I saw these huge boxes, with one big gummy candy inside. Each box had a different gummy creature. I went up for a closer view. They were $2.49. The ones I was looking at, at first, were giant eyeballs. I poked them. Then I went up onto this ladder to see a giant butterfly, on the box it said something like, "The King of the Forest!" Some dude and his kid were below me, and the guy was like "Wow, is that a butterfly?" I looked at him about to speak, but he gave me a terrible dirty look, so I was just like FUCK YOU THEN, lol. I climbed off the ladder and got ready to check out with my Raspberry Dollars. I thought about stealing them! I thought back to something I had watched, which was a dude explaining how to steal from Wal-Mart. He said to go out one of the back doors and throw the item outside, then, go out the front doors, run around back, and grab it. I was about to do this. I wanted to steal it because I was afraid of what my mom would say about using her debit card again, but I just ended up using it again. I was worried my mom could go online and see what I had bought. I tried to go to a register I hadn't gone to yet, because I went to a lot of them throughout the dream, lol. I went to a one with a lady sitting on a laptop, looking dead tired. She was fairly old. She looked up at me and asked, "Are you ready..." and I said yeah. I forgot the number! I looked in my pocket and it was written on the bottom of a water bottle. The numbers were jumbled up, and random, and I was very confused, but I then saw the regular debit card number to the side. It started with a 3, that's all I remember. She just sat there for about 10 seconds, then got up. Their machine was not working so they asked me to punch in the debit card number. I did, and I had bought the candy. The lady walked me out, and the parking lot was empty. It was very dark outside. We walked around, and I couldn't find my mom's car. The lady asked where it was, and I said, "They must of left!" but as soon as I said that, I saw my mom's car, lit up inside, and she was with Homer. The dream skipped and I was now getting inside the car, and the lady escorted me. I got in the seat behind the driver seat(my mom was driving). Homer was now outside the car(outside the passenger side door). My mom started crying and Homer was flipping shit on me for using the card. My mom said, "I ALREADY BOUGHT YOU CANDY WHY WOULD YOU GO AND BUY MORE?!" I told them, "I have $10 at home, I will give you it!" My mom said okay okay. My mom told me then, "That lady didn't like you at first but she did towards the end!" Whatever that means, lol. So then I realized, I only had one bag. I had forgotten the other bag with the drink and the other candies somewhere. I looked around the car, drastically. I didn't find it. I figured I left it down at that event with Brandon. Oh well, I still had my raspberry dollars. After that, Homer got in the car, and we were ready to drive home, and I woke up.

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