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    Back to lucid dreaming, harder than ever.

    by , 05-28-2012 at 02:33 AM (266 Views)
    Messing around with other girls (Non-lucid)


    I remember earlier in this dream I was messing around with a girl in my grade named Ashton. I wasn't exactly doing sexual things, but I was acting a lot more touchy, I had one arm around her waist and the other arm around her legs, because she had fallen somewhat and I caught her, but I held my grip there. Later in the dream I kept messing around with a girl in 11th grade, named Katlyn, who I am good friends with. I was being very touchy again. We were supposed to be cleaning out our lockers for yearbook class, even though we dont have any lockers for that class, but whatever. In waking life, Katlyn is in yearbook class with me. Like I said I was being very touchy and I was tickling her on her sides and I remember I kept getting real close to her face with my face. She didn't seem to mind though, which is funny. I feel bad for having these dreams, because I have a girlfriend in waking life. :l

    Beating the fuck out of a dude, lol (Non-lucid)


    I was at my mom's, and I believe I was the only one there. I was already outside and this dude comes walking onto our property. I asked him what he was doing, "Oh, I'm just visting, I just want to see your alpacas." Suddenly he started laughing, like he was planning something bad, he took off running, and I chased after him. He was running for the alpaca gate! We ran for a good amount, he was ahead of me for awhile but I caught up to him, grabbed his brown backpack, and threw him on the ground. I started punching the shit out of him in his face, stomach, throat, you name it. It didn't seem to hurt him whatsoever. I went on a rampage and onslaught of jabs and crosses but eventually the dream skipped and I was somewhere else. Something else was happening but I don't remember what. The dude was there, so I went up to him, leg sweeped him, which knocked him on the ground, and I continued to beat the shit out of him. That's about all I remember though.
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