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    A better LD than last time.

    by , 06-06-2012 at 08:16 AM (252 Views)
    My Lucid Gateway (DILD)


    My school's hallway that connects the cafeteria and gym, was like a lucid gateway for me in this dream. As soon as I walked into the school, something basically just clicked, and I realized it was a dream. I didn't even reality check, but, I still KNEW it was a dream. I walked into the gym and I remembered the swimming motion to try in the air to fly. I did it, and I actually started hovering slowly around the gym, soon, I was flying around the gym, and it was awesome. People of all kinds were talking to me. I flew into the boy's locker room and I realized I was not myself, but some other person. I had black hair, and my face was completely different. A screen popped up on the side of my vision and I could select what color hair I wanted, I picked purple. My hair was now black with purple throughout it. I started flying around again, through these strange corridors that don't even exist in real life. I flew through water, and up and down the corridors. I popped my head out one of them, and saw the gym. A dude said, "Wow you're dying your hair purple again this year?" And I screamed, "YEAAHHH!" I took off flying again, through the gym. A group of 3 kids kept cheering and watching me. I landed by them and we talked. I can't remember much, but I remember I took a school textbook and started swinging it around wildly, and slamming it against the ground. They gave me another one, and I decided to punch it. When I would punch it, I was not hitting hard, and I felt like I was slipping away(I was waking up). Put I kept punching. Suddenly, I realized I should take one HUGE swing. I raised my arm into the arm and swung down super hard. The book was destroyed, and when the smoke cleared enough, I could see I put a hole in the floor, which was cool. My eyes popped open and I rolled over really fast, and closed them again. I felt the SP wave start to creep over me, and I immediately rolled over again to avoid it. I wish I'd stop bitching out...

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