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    Lol these dreams are ridiculous.

    by , 06-09-2012 at 10:27 AM (219 Views)
    Watching a movie in the swim room (Non-lucid)


    I guess I was in a class of some sort, there were many others with me, we were watching a movie projected on a big screen that was in the middle of the swimming pool. We were in the swim room at my school. We sat on the benches on the side to watch. I was next to a girl I know named Justine, apparently, the movie was about some guy who really loved a girl but she did not like/love him back. The end was really sad, and it made me tell Justine that I liked her and I wanted to be with her, even though in real life I do not want to be. She ended up saying something like, "Uh... no... Sorry, but ew, no." Something like that anyways. She was disgusted, basically. She turned her head from me and I started to cry. I jumped into the swimming pool and swam across the screen over to the corner of the swimming pool. I sat in the corner and cried. Eventually I got out and sat in the corner of the pool there. All of the kids including Justine ran up to me. Justine now changed her mind and was apologizing and saying she would like to get with me. I was then happy. I told my girlfriend later if she saw me swim across the pool crying, she said no she did not see me, yet she was in the same room as me. Lolwut. But anyways, I also remember a bit more. I was in some kind of shopping mall, and there were military signups there. I was trying to get as far away as possible from the signups, something like that, lol.

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