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    Truck dream

    by , 05-31-2012 at 11:17 AM (244 Views)
    I had 2 dreams last night, but I forgot to write the second one down when I woke up around 4, so I did not remember it. I did, however, remember one dream decently well.

    Dumbass Truck (Non-lucid)


    I was in my mom's house and it was nighttime. There was a truck. The truck was elongated, and it was maroon in color. The truck was stealing stuff. First, it stole a big boat, by pulling it by the ball and hitch. Me and my mom saw it drive by the house. Next the truck tried to steal a very very long garbage truck. It was huge. Me and my mom kept hearing the garbage truck's breaks pumping outside. My mom kept complaining about it. My mom went outside to look at it. I looked out the window, to see the truck stopped in front of our house with the giant garbage truck. I remember saying, "Holy shit!" and laughing. My mom walked back towards the house, and I looked out the window further, and saw a police car had stopped the truck. I then said, "Yeah he's caught, he's caught." Me and my mom were planning on going to ALDI. We went outside, and the house looked nothing like it does in real life. The entrance was on the left hand side. The dream skipped and we got back home, it was 9PM, and we were supposedly going back out to ALDI. ALDI closes at 8, wtf?? I carried groceries into the house, and as I was by the front entrance, I asked if Angel(my girlfriend) could come over. I don't remember what my mom replied. I went inside to carry to groceries in, and I saw a big rat flee under the couch. I carried the groceries into the kitchen, and that's all I remember. I probably woke up around here.

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