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    Two last day of school dreams in a row, one VERY long and crazy

    by , 06-13-2012 at 04:23 PM (491 Views)
    Last day of school dream #1 (Non-lucid)


    It was the last day of school and we were getting ready to leave. I was in the high school at first, and I don't remember much about this part, but I was walking around with a kid I know named Chris. We talked, but I don't remember what about. Eventually it was time to leave and I was now at Junior High East for some reason. I looked for my mom outside because she was supposed to be picking me up. I realized I had told her two days ago, that yesterday was a half day, and today was a full day. Which I was wrong, the day before was indeed a half day, and she picked me up on time, but the day I was in was ALSO a half day. I realized I would have to sit here for a few hours, but then I realized I could just get on my bus! I walked a little far, and had to jog back up to the school to get on my bus. I checked the time on my phone and it said 2:41. I jogged up, and started hearing the buses make their squealing sounds. So I started running. I ran in what seemed to be slow motion. Once I reached my bus, I got on, and it was extremely small inside. Only about 8 seats total. I just got on and sat in the back. A girl named Alissa briefly spoke to me, and I remember waking up when I saw a close up of her face.

    Last day of school dream #2 (Non-lucid)


    I was at my "school" which looked nothing like it. We could roam around roads and everything, like we were on a large campus. I don't remember how this dream started off, but we were kinda split up in groups. I was searching for my girlfriend, yet she did not even attempt to make an effort to find me. Like, even though she saw me, she would just ignore my presence and keep going, which she does in real life sometimes. :l but anyways, I was at tech and I had to use the restroom. They were apparently locked so I asked somebody for the key. He was a black dude, and he couldn't figure out which restroom was for the men or the women. I told him and he opened the men's restroom door. After I went in the dream skipped and I was back at my "school". We really weren't doing much, besides wandering around the "campus". I was in a room where my group was at, still searching for my girlfriend. I saw a girl bent over in the distance and some dude was touching her all over her legs, and I thought it was my girlfriend, but as she stood back up, it wasn't her, lol. I saw her with her friends a couple times, and walked RIGHT past her, but she just ignored me, so whatevs lol :p Eventually I was in the field at my old school in Brookline. There were dudes playing some triangle catch game. But there was a certain way to play it. A demonstrational video came up and showed me how to play. It was some crazy ass dude with clones of himself, and sometimes garbage bag dummies playing the roles of the people in the game that weren't there. Basically, two people tossed the ball back and forth, and then after two tosses, the person with the ball would LAUNCH it pretty far to the third person, who would then catch it. A kid named Jesse that went to Brookline was playing it and told me to play. I said something like, "Oh... I don't think I'd catch it." The dream skipped again and I was in my room, which apparently would be getting wiped clean after I left "school". JUST LIKE THE OTHER DREAM I HAD AWHILE AGO! But anyways, I realized there was a lot in my room I wanted to take. I could only take a few things. There was my accordion, my guitar amp, my guitar, my bass, my digital piano, and "wood for my subwoofer", lol. I tried playing the accordion and it was much easier to apply pumping pressure to it than in real life. I found headphones that matched it. I put them on and could play the accordion with buttons on the side of the headphones. I remembered playing the Tetris theme(which I do know on accordion in real life). I remember altering it in many ways to make it sound cool, and even altered the sound of the accordion. Eventually I took the headphones off and I found other headphones that came with my guitar, though they were just very basic, and looked like they were used to prevent sound from getting to your ears, or something. I ended up grabbing my huge digital piano, and the "wood for my subwoofer". I remember calling my girlfriend asking her how I was going to get the wood out from my wall, because it was attached to my wall. She asked her stepdad and then she explained to me, and I got it. I then told her I was going to meet her somewhere. As soon as I left my room the dream skipped and I was walking around the "campus" with my stuff, lol. I told Angel(my girlfriend), to meet me somewhere. We said where to meet, but right after I said where we would meet I saw her walk around the corner. She didn't notice me at first, but as I got closer she did. She laughed at all this shit I was carrying. I told her, "My arm is going to get tired very fast." In real life my digital piano weighs 30lbs. I know not heavy at all, but after holding it in one arm for 5 minutes it gets heavy. Anyways, it never tired my arm out. Me and her were apparently in a car now, and we were discussing these crazy houses we were seeing alongside the road. At first they were shitty rundown houses, but as we went on they got nicer. Most of them were an icy blue color. The one house I liked had dips of ice in the backyard, and it was strange looking. We kept going by. More houses were very nice looking, and one had a snowy theme to it. I told her I had been in most of the houses a "couple hundred times", even though I had never been in them at all. She also said that she had too, if that makes any sense. The dream basically skipped and I was in the car with my grandpap, grandma, and my uncle ward was driving(he doesn't drive in real life, so I don't know how I didn't realize this?? Hell, I didn't realize ANYTHING in this fucking dream, lol). Apparently, my dad had died in a car accident. I was about to cry as my grandma was discussing how he never came home from his band practice last night, and his bass player Brian was worried and told my grandma. Nobody could get a hold of him. Now I realized why I wasn't picked up from "school". Uncle Ward was driving and soon the dream skipped and I was at what was supposed to be my grandma's house, but was actually a house I had never been in before. We were watching the news about a group of cars that had fell in an incinerator, or something. I was looking for a white cavalier(even though my dad drives a orangish/red Dodge Neon, lol). I saw several white cars, but none were Cavaliers. So I ignored it. I woke up around here.

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