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    1. Dry spell broken!

      by , 11-20-2015 at 03:06 PM
      *I finally broke my dry spell by having a lucid (perhaps semi) dream this morning. My mother indirectly woke me up around 7 AM by opening my door, but I was hardly conscious. I was awake, I took notice of the fact that she opened my door, and naturally fell asleep within a few seconds. I realized I was dreaming, but not too keen on how I initially became lucid; I don't remember a reality check. Unfortunately, I'm still working on my dream recall so I don't remember the entire lucid dream in high definition 1080p.

      "I become instantly aware that I'm dreaming and I am in some type of building. I see a bunch of shelves with glass objects on it, so I walk over and smash one against the ground. I see a message that says "warning one". I then see the person who owns the small kiosk of objects, who is actually a teacher from my High School. I suddenly feel like I'm wasting my time so I go up to a DC, can't remember who he was besides they were tall, and had short hair. I told him, "We're going on an adventure." and he became very excited, and we high fived. We then see a bunch of doors into houses, and we walk over. I point at a door and tell him to go in that one, and I picked one for myself. (I've always loved the ideas of walking through mysterious doors in dreams, just to find out what is behind them.) But before opening the door, I decide to do one thing for more adventure. I look straight up to the ceiling away from any DC and yell "Hey dream!" and before I could make a request, a tall white guy with bleach blonde hair (straight across bangs, kind of like Shinji if you're a Bleach fan), and a big puffy furry black coat walks in and yells "WHAT!" in a very sassy way, as if I had been bothering him. I then lose the dream and wake up."

      *The last bit of asking the dream is mostly influenced by my reading over Robert Waggoner's The Gateway to The Inner Self book recently and I really wanted to give it a chance.