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    Angels and Airwaves--Talking to Tom about Lucid Dreaming

    by , 01-25-2012 at 06:35 PM (969 Views)
    I just had one of those dreams where I am talking to someone about lucid dreaming and I don't get lucid. Neverthe less it was a nice dream.


    Jeff and I were going to see Angels and Airwaves play. The show was at the college we used to go to. To get to the room where the show was we had to climb this really tall weird staircase. The stairs weren't flat but round and wavy with large distances between "stairs". I was struggling near the top. I was worrying that I was going to fall backwards, but Jeff and Danny R were where giving me a hand.

    We got the the room where AVA were playing. It was like a large college classroom. We sat in metal chairs. Unfortunately we were near the back. But then they started playing and it was great. After about a half hour of playing Tom Delonge stopped and started talking to the audience. Then he started shaking hands were people. He got to our row and shook hands with both Jeff and I. He started talking to Jeff. What he said wasn't making sense. After that he said they were taking a break and would be back to finish the show in about 15 minutes. I asked Jeff if he thought Tom was drunk. Jeff shrugged.

    Jeff told me he wanted to wander the campus until we found the trophy that our band had won many years ago. So we did. We finally found the room where the trophies were and it was cool to see the trophy again.

    Then I had this sudden fear that way more than 15 minutes had passed. I started running back to the stairs to the room. At first I didn't want to climb the stairs again. I thought it would be faster to take the elevator. But suddenly I saw Tom Delonge about to go up the stairs. I was so glad that the show hadn't started again. I caught up to Tom and decided to ask him the first question that popped into my head. I said, 'I've got a quick question for you...are you a lucid dreamer?"

    He smiled and said, Yeah...well, no...not actually lucid dreaming....just vivid dreaming."

    I said, "You are always singing about dreaming...in all your songs. If you don't lucid dream now, you have to learn. I learned a few years ago and it changed my life. I can't even imagine the songs you would sing if you could lucid dream." And he sounded interested and agreed with me. Then he started talking to me about how he also planned to write a song about the Bentley Project. I wasn't sure what that was, but decided that I would look it up later. I assumed it had something to do with UFOs or the paranormal.

    As were were talking and climbing the stairs I saw that someone in front of me had dropped a cell phone. I picked it up. It was cool looking...clear and glowing. I carried it with me planning to ask the people at the show if they had dropped it.

    Then finally we were to the top of the stairs and Tom headed to the front of the room to start the show again. I called out to him, "If you need help with lucid dreaming, get on Dreamviews. I'm Twoshadows."

    And then AVA stated playing again.

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    1. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Aw, what a missed opportunity! XD Sounds fun though.
    2. Twoshadows's Avatar
      Thanks. Yeah, it is a little frustrating to think I could have gone lucid and missed it. But at the same time, even just talking about lucid dreaming in a dream makes me happy. It makes me feel like I am close. And...Tom Delonge...how can I complain?
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    3. Twoshadows's Avatar
      Yeah, I was supposed to see Angels and Airwaves play tonight in Santa Barbara. Bought tickets and everything. But plans changed and i won't make it. But at least I saw them in a dream.
    4. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Well that's nice. It sucks that you can't go, but at least your subconscious is looking out for you!
    5. LeapOfFaith's Avatar
      i loveee AVA that's too bad you didn't go lucid! BUT I'm still jealous of your dream. I've had a few angels dreams myself, but unfortunately I wasn't keeping a journal then -_-