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    Attack of an Unknown Aircraft

    by , 11-14-2013 at 08:36 PM (475 Views)
    I dreamed I was with a bunch of people in Barstow CA. Some other things had happened in the dream which I no longer remember. But at some point we looked up in the sky. The evening sky was almost dark, but there was still a little light left after the sun set. The clouds parted and we saw a huge aircraft. At first I was sure it was a UFO--something from an alien world. But a guy next to me said that it belonged to our military that he had heard rumors that they were working on these, but didn't know that they were completed. It was flat with a couple of brighter red lights, with some dimmer yellow ones around the edges. It looked like a flying aircraft carrier. We stood there for a moment and watched it. Then all of a sudden it started shooting down missiles. Everyone screamed and scattered.
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