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    Dream: TD, Kissing, Big House, Baby

    by , 09-20-2012 at 03:38 PM (500 Views)
    I was with TD and we were talking about stuff that I remembered when I first woke up in the middle of the night (1:34). It was something really funny, and we were really happy and even kissing some. Then we realized that we weren't alone and it seemed even funnier. Philip and Mandy and Ben were there. TD and I were joking around with Mandy and Ben about teenagers. (It all made sense and was very clever in the dream, even though it sounds kind of lame now).

    In the last dream of the night I was in this big house. I know my mom was there part of the time. It seemed like a lot was going on even though I have forgotten now what it was. I do remember at the end I was having trouble with my TV or computer. I needed some help fixing it. I looked and saw TD sitting at a desk behind me. I asked if he would help fix it. He said he would, but wanted me to look at this stack of papers he had in front of him. I then noticed a baby on the floor by the chair. I knew the baby belonged to neither of us, but I recognized it as a baby I had seen before but not for a while. The baby was about 6 months old and big and bald and completely adorable.

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