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    Excruciating Pain

    by , 07-09-2013 at 11:24 PM (565 Views)
    I was at a park where some sort of event was going on. I remember watching this huge mechanical cheetah move around.

    Then it started. That pain I occasionally get when dreaming. It is centered in the back of my head/top of my neck. I started to panic. I ran up to a man that looked like an official at the event. I told him about my pain. He reached around and started rubbing his finger on the back side of my head where the pain was. This was a huge mistake. every time he ran his finger over the spot, my body tensed and stiffened with pain. The pain was so excruciating I couldn't speak to tell him to stop. Finally I managed to whisper out the word, "Stop."

    As soon as I did this I slowly started to awaken. The pain lingered. I reached up with my hand (but now realize it was still my dream hand) and touched the spot. There was a soft lump, like a vein or nerve was pushing out from my head. I tried to wake up faster. I knew from past experience that the pain went away when I was fully awake.

    It seemed to take forever, but finally the pain was gone, and I was lying in bed so thankful to finally be pain free.

    I have always wondered about this phenomenon. It happens regularly, but not too often (maybe once a year). The pain is always the same intense pain in the same place. But it always goes away when I awaken.

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