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    Extreme Eating

    by , 05-09-2013 at 02:40 PM (396 Views)
    I was in a room that looked a little like a hospital room. A friend of mine (who actually is in the hospital currently) was doing one of these extreme eating contests. In front of her on a tray was this huge hamburger that was about 2 feet across. I knew that she had to eat that in 6 hours to win this contest. It made me sick just thinking about stuffing that much food into one's stomach. I looked closer at the tray and saw that around the hamburger were all these little gravel like rocks. I then understood that she had to not only eat the hamburger, but the little rocks as well. I watched my friend scoop up a few of the rocks and put them in her mouth. I wondered how she could possibly eat them.

    The next thing I know I am the one who is having to eat the rocks. I try again and again to swallow the little rocks. I manage to get a few down, but it is difficult and it is making me feel a little sick to my stomach.

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    Tags: eating, food