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    Four Nightmares

    by , 08-10-2015 at 05:40 PM (580 Views)
    I had four nightmares over the weekend. You'd think that I was worried about something.

    Dream 1:

    I had been kidnapped by a vampire. She had me in a house that appeared to be my childhood home in LA. At one point the vampire turned her back and I took that chance to run out the open door and down the street. I knew that the vampire would immediately notice and would be after me, So after passing a couple of houses I ran to the next house and opened the door and went inside. I saw a room where two adults were sleeping. At first I felt relieved. Maybe they could help me. But then I realized that I needed to leave. I would just be getting them killed if the vampire found me here--and I knew she could follow me...follow my scent. I knew there was nothing I could do to get away. She was so much faster than I was. There was no way to erase my trail.

    Dream 2:

    I was riding my bike on a mountain road at night. The road twisted and turned and went on forever. I felt I would never get to my destination. Then suddenly in front of me I saw a bigfoot climb up the slope and onto the road directly in front of me. The bigfoot was a lighter brown color with reddish tints. It's fur was longer and matted with bits of leaves and twigs in it, like it had just gotten up from sleeping on the forest floor. It stood and faced me. I was so startled and frightened that I swerved my bike and went over the edge. I could feel myself falling...falling...

    And I woke up with a start, breathing heavy, my heart racing.

    Dream 3:

    I was with a group of ladies. I was supposed to be working on a big project with them. I not only couldn't remember who they were, but I couldn't remember what the project was. I only knew that I was suddenly about to have to give a presentation. I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I started to panic.

    Dream 4:

    My plane had just landed at the airport, and I got off the plane. I suddenly realized I hadn't gotten my luggage out of the overhead compartment. I tired to run back and find the plane. The airport was a maze. I had no idea which way I had come from. I was running around not knowing where I was going and not finding anyone who could help. I ended up in a hallway that kept getting steeper and steeper until I started sliding back. I knew I couldn't go this way.

    Finally I found someone to help me. I was told that my luggage had been taken off the plane and was now at the baggage area. I actually was able to locate it by the end of this dream making it a very unusual nightmare with a happy ending.

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