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    LD: Another Pig Out Session

    by , 10-18-2012 at 12:24 PM (347 Views)

    I had a total lucid pig out session last night.

    I don't remember how the dream even started. All I remember is becoming lucid at a table absolutely full of goodies. I decided to take full advantage of the situation. I started grabbing handful after handful and stuffing it into my mouth. I ate cake, cookies, pie, and my favorite-- a chocolate peanutbutter cheesecake.

    I remember grabbing something off the plate of the person sitting next to me knowing that that person was a DC and didn't matter.

    Another thing I noticed was how much could fit into my mouth at once. I was almost able to "inhale" large pieces. Then when my mouth felt full I would just swallow it down. I don't actually remember chewing alot. The food mostly kind of slid down my throat. The flavor was there. I enjoyed everything.

    I also remember grabbing a piece of a decorated cake. It was in the shape of a teddybear. I scooped off the head and inhaled it all in. It was a chocolate cake with very creamy--almost pudding like-- vanilla creme frosting.

    Man, it was all so good.

    So yes, if you are curious, I'm still depriving myself very well in real life.

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    Tags: eating, senses, taste