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    LD: DV Member/Flying in Space

    by , 08-01-2012 at 05:43 AM (544 Views)
    Old dream from 12-26-07


    I was in line waiting for a movie or concert or something that was supposed to be really cool. I was with a girl that reminded me of Cloe from Smallville.

    We finally get to the part where we buy our tickets. I see Burns there. I give Burns my money and she hands me a ticket. I look at the ticket and there is something brown on it. I looke closer and see that it's dried up dog poop. I show it to Burns and she apologizes and gives me another ticket. This ticket also had dog poop on it. I ask her if I could have another one. She is embarrassed and this time gives me a special big ticket. This one is about the size and texture of a mouse pad. It has pictures on it. I realize that this special ticket is kind of like a back stage pass. I'm happy to have it. I thanks Burns and move on.

    The next part is fuzzy. My notes don't help. They just say: " line, gym, hiding, lose ticket". I do remember the "lose ticket" part. I remember looking aound in that huge group of people and not being able to see my lost ticket. I then remember saying to myself," If I could fly I could find my ticket easier.....and if I fly, that will mean I'm dreaming."

    I suddenly took off flying above the heads of all the people. I started looking for the ticket. Then I thought, "If I'm dreaming, the ticket is not important". It took a moment for me to pull myself away from that task of looking for the ticket. But I then decided to fly out the door. I saw a double door that stood open. I swooped over the heads of the people and out the door. I saw Jeff sitting at a desk outside the door. I kept going. I flew over the buildings and tried to gain altitude so I could look down and see the whole city. But as soon as I tired this the dream started to fade.

    I made myself focus. I made everything clear again. i decided that I did most of the tasks I had in mind to do in the last LD. But then I remembered that I needed to go to space again. So I started to fly up. Before I knew it I saw that I was indeed in the darkness of space. I saw stars around me. I made myself go faster so I had the cool effect of the stars all passing me. The I realized that I really really wanted to find a space ship and go board. I start looking around and see lots of object all around me. Some are planets and some are space ships. I find a space ship that is rather close and head toward it. But before I reach it I wake up.

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