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    LD: DV Member, TOTM (Rabbit Hole)

    by , 10-15-2012 at 07:55 PM (671 Views)

    Lucid Dream:

    I was with a group of people. We were all talking to each other. I remember DV member CoLd BlooDed was there. At one point he asked me a question, something to the effect of "What do you like to do?"

    I remember he was wearing a dark green sweatshirt with the hood pulled up. I went closer to him and pulled back the hood from his ear a little and whispered (for dramatic effect, maybe?) "I like to lucid dream."

    Obviously in this dream I didn't think CB knew anything about lucid dreaming, because I then went on to explain just what lucid dreaming was. And then, to stress the point of how cool lucid dreaming was, I then flew a little in the air and asked, "Wouldn't you like to be able to do this?" I then told him that I would help teach him how to do it. I took his hand and helped him float in the air. At this point we were in the dining room of my old LA house. I helped him float to the ceiling, and then out the back door.

    As crazy as it seems, I still was not lucid at this point.

    CB told me that he was going to be leaving town and was going to be gone for several weeks. Then he said, "So I really need to learn how to do this so we can see each other in our dreams." This seemed to make perfect sense.

    We then practiced flying up into the air. At first we moved so slowly. I was having difficulty getting up very high . So we flew around the backyard a bit.

    Then the girl that lived next door while I was growing up came over. IRL she was three years younger than I was. In this dream she was about 7 years old. She starts talking to me about how this cable was broken and how upset she was about this. I was feeling frustrated because I did not want this interruption.

    This gets fuzzy here.

    The next thing I remember is that we are now inside again. I tell CB, "Let's try this again." And we flew back to the dining room.

    I believe it is at this point that I finally become lucid. I don't know what happened to CB because I never saw him again in this dream.

    But I do suddenly remember that I really should be trying some Lucid Tasks. I remember thinking for a moment, trying to remember what they were. I then flew into the other room which was a kitchen. There is a TV set on the counter. It's on and I start watching it. Then it hits me, "This is it! I need to remember this." I sat there watching and trying to remember all the details. But all I remember at this point is that it was some kind of News Talk Show. There were three people discussing the subject, which I believe was "problems youth have in today's society". Two of them were women and one was a man. The only one I remember any detail on was one of the women who was young, beautiful and black. She had long hair that was braided into hundreds of little braids.

    After watching the TV as long as I felt necessary, I flew outside. I started looking for holes on the ground. I couldn't remember at first what it was that I was looking for but I knew it had to do with holes. Then I remembered--I was supposed to go into a rabbit hole. The ground below me was covered in little holes that were big enough for little mice or gophers. I didn't think any of them would work.

    Then I looked over into the neighbor's yard, and under their apricot tree was a large hole. It looked big enough for a rabbit. The hole was divided into two sections. One had a long roll of chicken wire going down into it. I didn't think that I could fit in the center of that roll. So I chose to try the other hole. It was more open. I saw that it went directly under the tree and through to the other side. I dove down inside. I could see roots from the apricot tree poking out into the hole. I had a camera with me and started taking pictures of the inside of the hole. For some reason I thought that I could document the experience better by doing that.

    I went all the way through the hole and back out the other side. I then wanted to document the experience one step further. I pulled out a notebook and started sketching the tree.

    At some point here I lost lucidity. I went on to two more dreams that I may write up later.

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