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    LD: Flying with DC

    by , 11-14-2012 at 05:44 PM (528 Views)

    I had a lucid dream last night. I decided I wanted to have one and --blam--I had one.

    I was awakened and did a WBTB.


    I was looking around in what was supposed to be a (my?) kitchen. I suddenly saw this large brown bird on top of the fridge. At first I thought it was dead, but then I realized that it was making these sad peeping noises.. It was stuck in some ice that had formed on top of the fridge. I went over to it and did something to loosen the ice and free the bird.

    At that point I noticed that it was an owl. It flew over to where my mom was standing. It was having a little trouble flying. It still had some ice on his lower feathers.

    We were on this porch area. I noticed other birds in the area. As I looked closer I saw that they were mostly owls. I had never seen so many owls in one place before. I was fascinated. Harry Potter crossed my mind and I wondered if this was significant to have the owls all out in the daytime like this.

    But then I did what I always do in a situation like this. I grabbed my camera. I started taking pictures of all the amazing different kinds of owls. I was able to get some great close ups. I was feeling so great about this.

    And then I went and tried looking back at what I had taken. Not a single picture had taken. My camera wasn't working properly. I was suddenly very very upset.

    But then this little thought came into my mind. What if this was a dream? I didn't want the owls to be a dream. I thought this was too cool. But as I thought about it more, I was becoming more and more convinced that the owls couldn't be real.

    Things faded a bit at this point. I then remember forcing myself into the dream. I didn't have a body at this point, but I made myself feel like I was flying. I imagined what it would be like to fly with my nonexistent arms out in front of me.

    That worked. I soon could start seeing my arms appear and my body solidify. and I knew that I was safely in the dream. I was inside a house, so I kind of hopped and flew over to a door and then flew out.

    AS I flew I remembered how much fun it was in a previously LD to find a dream character and fly with them. I looked around for someone who looked like the "right one".

    I flew over a lot of kids or very average looking (boring?) people. The I saw a guy with reddish brown hair sitting on a park bench that reminded me of a guy that lives in my neighborhood in real life. I decided that he would be interesting to fly with. So I flew over to him and took him by his arm and said, "Come fly with me".

    As soon as I did that I was disappointed in myself. Where was the fun in that? I needed to build up to that point. Start a conversation and ask him things like, "Do you believe in magic?" or something to that effect. Maybe get into an argument about the possiblilities of flying. And then--blam--surprise him.

    But no I just took him by the arms and flew. He had no reaction whatsoever. At one point he started slipping from my grip and I told him to put his arm around my neck.

    The dream continued with us just flying around. But I remember nothing really interesting.

    Oh well.

    But I did get to fly.

    And I did get to practice my lucidity skills.

    I'll get it better next time.

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