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    LD: Flying over Ocean

    by , 07-06-2013 at 04:20 PM (490 Views)

    I was at the beach and seeing all kinds of cool sea life along the shore. I pulled out my camera to take some pictures. But when I pushed the button to take a picture nothing happened. Plus the battery was almost dead.

    I said to myself, "Dang....why does this always happen to me?"

    Then I thought, "Doesn't this always happen to me in dreams? Too bad this isn't a dream. This is way too real."

    And then I thought, "Well, maybe I should just make sure....."

    And I took off running for the water and jumped...and I started soaring over the water.

    And I thought....."Well...what do you know....it's a dream after all."

    I flew over the ocean for a moment then dropped into the water.

    And then....my alarm went off.

    I had about 15 seconds of lucidity.

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