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    LD: Flying through Sprinklers, Using Senses

    by , 07-06-2013 at 04:31 PM (438 Views)

    Lucid Dream (maybe this is several dreams):

    I had gone on this trip with a group of girls. We were staying in this awful motel room that was decorated in burgandy and pink. I took out my camera and tried to take pictures but the battery was wrong. I took it out, and it wasn't the right one. I was mad because I couldn't take any more pictures on this trip.

    I didn't go lucid at that point.

    Later we were in an airport watching these huge jets take off. Then I was on a plane. Seems like something happened, like we almost hit a building. But I don't really remember that.

    Then I was back at home in my childhood house. I was in the backyard. I don't remember what triggered lucidity. But I suddenly knew I was dreaming and flew up in the air a bit. I felt a bit unstable in the dream, so I rubbed my hands together. I realized that it had been forever since I had done this in a dream. I noticed that it really did bring me back in to the dream. I felt more physically there.

    I looked over the fence into the neighbor's yard. They had their sprinklers on. I knew I wanted to go through the sprinklers. I thought that it was either a Task of the Month from the past...or something that I had decided at one point I wanted to do. So I swooped down until the water was sprinkling on me. The water felt very real.

    I flew back up. I then remembered reading on of my LDs from a long time ago where I had used my five senses...and how that had made the dream way more meaningful. So I flew over to my roof and rubbed, my hand all along the brown asphalt shingles. It was satisfying to feel the roughness under my fingertips.

    I then remember one of the other Tasks that I had been wanted to try for a while now was to meet a fictional character. The one that popped into my head was a character from a story that I had started writing myself a while ago. I flew back up and looked into the neighbors yard again and saw a wheelchair. I thought it was empty at first. But as I got closer I saw a child sitting in it. I wondered if this was my character as a child. He started talking to me. What he said didn't make sense. But I thougth it was cool that he was interacting with me.

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