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    LD: Flying vs Kissing

    by , 10-18-2012 at 01:08 PM (478 Views)

    Lucid Dream:

    I forgot to write down this dream I had a few nights ago.

    I was with Jim at some kind of amusement park. Everything was miniature, yet people still seemed to be able to get on the rides. At one point I saw a two year old child behind the roller coster, and he seemed to tower over it.

    Suddenly I become lucid. I immediately forgot the amusement park. Part of me must have remembered that LD I had a little while back where it was my goal to kiss guys. Out of habit I leaned over to kiss Jim, but right as our lips touched I realized it felt wrong, so I then just took off in the air flying. I remember thinking, "Why would I even want to kiss anyone in an LD when I can fly...this is way better than kissing."

    I remember feeling the wind in my hair and that feeling in my stomach as I would swoop down close to the ground before pulling back up and into the sky again. This didn't last too long, maybe a couple of minutes. But it was really nice. At one point I was flying over water, either a lake or ocean.

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