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    LD: Inviting people to fly with me.

    by , 10-16-2013 at 05:54 AM (623 Views)
    I had a very long lucid dream. It was one of those dreams when you wake up you're not sure you can remember everything you did. But I'll try.

    First memory. I was in a basement family room. I remembered I wanted to do the lucid task where you were to walk on the walls and ceiling. I tired to walk up the wall. I was surprised that I was having trouble. I had pictured doing it and it seemed like such a simple task. Finally I just used the heels on my shoes and dug them into cracks and walked up the wall that way.

    Later my dad was in the room. I wanted to show him that I could hover on the ceiling. I floated up and landed on the ceiling and called to him so I could show him.

    Later I was on what looked like my back deck, only it was higher and the surrounding area looked like California. I knew I could fly, but I was reluctant since the ground seemed so far below. But I bravely jumped into the abyss and luckily started to hover...then fly. I flew down to a group of people where I saw Jeanene L. I said Hi as I flew by.

    At one point I came to a trailer park. A guy was coming out of a trailer. His mom was yelling at him. The guy was in his 20s and looked like Prince Harry. I flew to him and asked if he wanted to get away and fly with me. He reached out his arm and I took his hand and he immediately arose and started to fly with me. I knew he was happy to be with me.

    I seem to remember waking at this point. I forced myself back into the dream and I ended up on my deck again. I did the same thing. Again I found a guy to fly with. This guy was about 20 and had medium length brown hair. I don't remember much about this part.

    If I remember correctly I had another FA that sent me back to my deck. I flew off once again. I remember reaching out and running my hand through the leaves of a mulberry tree as I flew.

    I have a brief memory of my aunt.

    I then saw a group of people. I decided I needed to find a guy to kiss. It took a while to finally find a guy that looked right. This guy was about 20 and had dark brown curls and a nice face with full-ish lips. I started to kiss him and he kissed me back. It was a nice slow kiss. I think I also flew with him.

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