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    LD: Mirror Portal to the Moon/Tom DeLonge

    by , 06-05-2012 at 11:10 AM (1721 Views)
    Older LD from 9-27-10

    I did an unplanned WBTB. I had trouble going back to sleep. Two hours later of telling myself that I was going to lucid dream, I was suddenly in a dream. I remember nothing of the transition. Only the "oh, cool. I'm in a dream now."

    This wasn't my best LD. I didn't seem to be as "aware" as I was in my previous LD. And when I awoke I did the "oh crap--how am I going to remember everything I just did?" thing. But I backtracked the best I could and came up with this:

    Lucid Dream:

    As soon as I realized that I was dreaming I started to fly. I was outside in the desert. I landed next to a car and looked at my reflection. I could see myself and I could see a person standing behind me. It was Tom from AVA. For a short time I watched him, and he watched me. I had this feeling that if I turned around to see him, he would be gone. It was a bad thing to think, because I was right....and he was gone.

    I decided to go look for a full sized mirror next because my current goal was to make a Mirror Portal and go to the moon.

    I flew just a short ways and saw a clothing store. I knew that there would be lots of mirrors inside. I went in and ran at the first mirror I saw. I hit the glass and fell back into the store. Determined I ran at it again...but hit the glass. I knew I just had to believe and I would be able to go through it. But time after time after time I kept hitting the mirror.

    Finally a store clerk came up to me. She told me that I needed to leave the store. I ran at the mirror again. I wanted to show this lady that I knew what I was doing. But I bounced off the mirror again. I was starting to get frustarated. The lady threatened to get the police if I didn't leave.

    I ran at the mirror again and bounced off. I finally decided that this wasn't working and that I needed another plan. I tried to leave the store, but the lady had barricaded the doors. I guess she had called the police about this crazy person that kept runing into her mirrors. Maybe I don't blame her.

    I was able to fly over the stuff she had put in front of the doors. We were both suddenly outside the store, but now in this small corridor that seemed to have no way out.

    I looked at the walls of the corridor. They were all mirrored. I looked at my reflection again. This time I was Tom. I looked carefully at my eyes and my hair. I squinted a bit and changed my expression fascinated by this unexpected transformation. I reached up and ran my fingers through my short hair.

    Then the dream shfts. I am outside trying to fly. I am having all sorts of difficulty getting any elevation at all. I'm frustrated bacause flying is my specialty in dreams. I shouldn't have trouble with this.

    There are these teen aged boys that keep trying to grab my legs. I try to fly out of their reach but can never quite do so.

    Finally I picture rockets on my feet. I seem to go somewhere. I am now in a canyon with this huge arch in front of me. It looks a bit like Birthday Arch that I have hiked to and climbed on. I fly through the arch and touch my fingers along the rock as I go by. That is very satisfying. I fly to the cliff above the arch and jump down to the arch. I remember being really nervous in real life about climbing to this point. And I feel slightly nervous again. But then I tell myself that I can fly if I fall. So I jump down and run across the arch then fly off the other side.

    I must have started to lose lucidity around here becasue I remember landing by the arch and talking to Kyle about fossils. And I know I wasn't lucid by the end.

    My Reflection:

    Mirror Portal Fail:

    The Arch (me at the top):

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    1. dreamerJon23's Avatar
      Gotta do it face first no other way.
    2. Twoshadows's Avatar
      I don't know--that was pretty face first, or well, top of my head first. Are you saying you have better luck pushing your face straight in? I have had lots of interesting experiences with mirrors in dreams, both lucid or not, over the years and I have found that it is always a unique experience. I can never say for sure what will happen. I think that's why I enjoy mirrors so much. That was the first way I got to outerspace--through the mirror portal. Although I have found it to be unpredictable I still always want to use that as my means to get out of this world.
    3. Wurlman's Avatar
      I love reading ur dreams ... I finally started a DJ if ur interested I haven't posted many of my lucids but I'll add a few every day
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