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    LD: Old TOTM--Asking DC about New Year's Resolution

    by , 10-15-2012 at 04:54 PM (468 Views)
    Old LD from 1-26-08

    Lucid dream 1:

    I didn't quite WILD. But I drifted into a dream immediately. I was with my mom in the kitchen. She had her sewing maching on the table. I was talking to her, but I started to sense things were not right. I questioned it and realized that I was in a dream. I continued to watch my mom, she was jumping all around and acting like a kid. I wondered why I didn't pick up on the fact that it was a dream before this point.

    I thought, "Now's the chance to do a lucid task of the month". I decided to start with the basic. I was about to ask her what my New Year's resolution should be....but then I "woke up."

    It didn't take me long to realize that this was a False Awakening. I don't remember where I was, but the next thing I remember was that I was flying. I could see beautiful red cliffs all around me. I flew for a few minutes then I saw a guy on the ground. He was standing by a trailhead and reading a sign. I started to land by him. At first he seemed surprised to see me flying. But then he knodded as if figuring out that I was lucid dreaming. I reached out my hand and he started flying after me. He was in his twenties and had dark hair that was receding a little.

    I could see the ocean in front of us. I flew over some hills and saw the land drop out from under me and I was now flying high over the beach and soon over the water. I started sinking a little and was slightly nervous that I was going to end up in the water. But then I had confidence that even though I'd go low that I would still stay above the water.

    I looked behind me and saw that the guy didn't want to come over the water. I turned back and went to where he was standing. I then remembered to try the task again.

    So I asked him what my New year's Resolution should be. I had no idea what he was going to say. I was very curious. He finally said to me, "Your New Year's Resolution....you should ratify your drinks."

    I said, "What does that mean? And what do you mean by 'drinks'--I don't drink. I don't get it".

    I wasn't really satisfied with that because I didn't understand it. So I looked around. I saw a boy with dark curly hair that looked about 12. I asked him what my N Y's resolution should be. But he wouldn't answer. Then for some strange reason I decided to kiss him (I have been doing that in LDs lately...age doesn't seem to matter...it's like I'm just curious to see what it's like to kiss dream people). But as I closed in he was like a ghost. I couldn't make contact.

    So I went and found a group of little girls that looked about 6 years old. I asked them what my NYR should be. Then I felt I needed to clarify. I told them that NYRs would be things like, "I will exercise more regularly this year"...or "I will eat healthier" and things like that.

    But then one of the girls started crying over something, and I went to comfort her. She looked like Lana from Smallville when she was little. I told her that she was a very beautiful little girl.

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