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    LD: Reading Things and Mirror Trouble

    by , 12-31-2011 at 09:00 PM (671 Views)
    Catching up...

    Old LD from 10-05-07

    I had a couple of lucid dreams this morning. I did an unintentional WBTB.

    I was dreaming that I was about to see a circus. But the longer we waited to see it start, the more I realized that this wasn't going to be a very big circus. In fact it looked like they were going to use teddy bears for on of the acts. I wondered if they had any live animals at all.

    At some point we moved to another part of the area. The circus still hadn't started.

    I don't know what triggered lucidity, but I had wandered off and was starting to walk through the city...and I was lucid.

    I looked at all the buildings. I wanted to really remember the details. I looked at a sign for a gas station. At first I thought it said "Tiffany's" in large red letters. I thought that was a strange name for a gas station. I looked at it again. This time I saw that it really said "Tiffy's". That seemed to be a more fitting name.

    I tried to think of a cool task to try. I suddenly rememberd that one of the suggested tasks that I wanted to try was to find a newspaper and read it's headline.

    The gas station would be a perfect place to find one. I ran to the doors. At first I saw a phone book and was tempted to open it and try to read it. But I decided that I really needed to do the newspaper first.

    I saw the racks outside the doors that usually have newspapers and ads. The first three things that I saw looked like newspapers, but at a closer look they had people on the front making out. I figured it was some sort of porno. So I kept looking. I couldn't find any newspapers.

    Finally a Mexican guy walked out of the doors and I saw that he had a newspaper. I asked if I could look at the headlines. He acted like I was very rude for asking him. But I said please again, and kind of helped myself to pulling the papers toward me so I could see. He didn't like it but he let me.

    Unfortunately when I looked at the pages, I could see that it wasn't actually a newspaper, but some sort of sports magazine. I was disappointed.

    I believe at this point I had a FA and I went on to other dreams.

    But at some point I was lucid again.

    I remembered that I wanted to try the Mirror Task again. I hurried into my bathroom. It was dark. I tried to flip the light switch. But it wouldn't work. So typical.

    But I could still see a little. I could tell it was my reflection in the mirror. I reached out my hand and tired to touch myself.

    I bumped the glass.

    I tried again. I bumped the glass.

    I remembered how last time I flew through the mirror to the other side. I backed up and dove toward the mirror. But instead of going through, my head bumped off the glass and I fell back into the bathroom.

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