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    LD: Seeker's Epic Task

    by , 10-15-2012 at 06:52 PM (442 Views)

    Lucid dream:

    I don't even remember what made me lucid. I remember being in this hallway. I was flying over all these people. I knew I wanted to interact with someone because those dreams are the most interesting.

    I somehow ended up with this guy in a closet. I know what you're thinking....but we didn't have sex. I did kiss him a little, but things got weird. I don't even remember the details of "weird". But I do remember telling the guy, "I don't think I will write this part up in my DJ."

    Then I got curious. I asked him. Do you know what I'm talking about when I say things like 'DC'?

    "Dream Character." He said.

    "Well, how about DJ, then?"

    "Dream Journal."

    "Well, that makes sense that you know, since I know, and you are basically me."

    Middle part of the dream:

    I did all kinds of things in this dream. I remember saying, "Wow, I'm still dreaming. I hope I can remember all this".

    Of course I don't.

    I vaguely remember something about flying and seeing the ground above my head and thinking that it looked very flat, like a movie screen.

    End of dream:

    A group of lucid dreamers all met together to do this huge Epic Task that Seeker had asked us to try for his Workshop. (I believe I would call this the "going with the flow" part. I still seemd to think I was lucid. But at the same time I was kind of sucked into this plot.)

    There were several people there. The only one that was an actual person that I knew was Moonbeam, who, like I mentioned before was sometimes my other friend Natacha.

    We were all standing at the edge of this huge canyon. There was a bridge that spanned across from side to side.

    The Task was to do this:

    Strip down to you underwear. Fly across the canyon, going under the bridge. Once to the other side, we were to get to our homes in any way we wanted (flying, porting, etc). We were then to find a parent or other family member and ask them the question, "Do I have Hidden Family?" Any answer we received would count. Then we were to return back to the starting point.

    I noticed in the group several others that supposedly lived in the same place as I did. (In the dream I was considering my mom's house home.) I talked to them a little about that fact. I also remember talking about how
    PeteB was the one who had originally introduced me to lucid dreaming and how I was greatful for that. (See, it's things like that where I realize that I wasn't completely lucid here.)

    So we all got ready to start. We stripped down to our underwear. I was wearing a brown bra and panties that I do not own in real life.

    A guy from Brazil was chosen to start. He was very tan and was wearing boxer shorts. I watched him fly out over the canyon and under the bridge.

    Then the rest of us just stood and waited for what seemed like an extremely long time. I then suddenly thought, "This is so stupid to wait. There is no reason we can't all do this at once. I don't want to waste my lucidity just waiting (and that thought makes me know that I was still at least somewhat lucid.)

    I told everyone that I was going to go. As soon as I said that I could see the Brazilian guy coming back. I remember thinking, "Wow, he was fast."

    I took off over the canyon. I felt like I was going too slow. I decided to do the trick that I learned to do in past LDs and instead of trying to propel myself forward faster, I would just make the scenery come at me faster.

    It worked and soon I was across the canyon. I looked down (I wasn't very high off the ground) and saw two lucid dreamers dressed up as vampires. I knew that their purpose was to try to distract me from finishing the Task. They called out at me, but I ignored them. I knew that I needed to get to my home quickly. I decided to just make the scenery change. When I thought that, everything went black.

    Then I started seeing things, as if I were coming out of a dark tunnel. I saw red cliffs that I knew were near my mom's town. I came out of the tunnel, and realized that I was up on top of this huge rock face. To my horror, as I came out I noticed that I had somehow knocked this huge boulder loose and I watched it fall all the way down the cliff face. I panicked as I hope that no one was at the bottom that would be hurt by the falling boulder.

    As I felt the rock crash at the bottom, I felt the ground that I was standing on tremble. I had the horrible thought that I might have triggered a rock slide that would affect me because I was standing at the very edge.

    But then I realized that I was still dreaming and that I could just fly down off the cliff, that the rock slide wouldn't matter at all.

    But at this point I woke up.

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